Friday, October 14, 2011

A Sisterhood of Romance Writers

About a year ago, I decided to try my hand at writing erotic romance. My first story was accepted for publication and I jumped in with both feet. I joined several writer loops, and began to chat with other erotic romance writers, sharing hopes and dreams and celebrating their successes along with my own. It is impossible to imagine a more supportive bunch of people, the vast majority of whom are women. Women of all ages, from young mothers who write while their kids nap, to career women who write on their lunch breaks, to retirees finally getting their chance to follow their passion.

All of us share a common dream: Publication. Validation. Maybe we even dare to dream of monetary success and a real career as a writer. Yes!

One of the most wonderful benefits of being part of a community of writers is the unselfish support we give each other. Partly, this is just who we are, and we do it ‘cuz it feels so good. But there is a practical reason for doing it too. If we can support our sister writers at – for example – Beachwalk Press, more readers are drawn there. Beachwalk flourishes and so do all the writers there, myself included.

Next Monday my 32K word novella, Macy’s Awakening will be released by Beachwalk. It’s a sexy, spicy read about a naïve young black woman stranded in the big city and the handsome, middle aged white attorney she turns to for help…and a sexual education. It’s my first IR story and I’m very proud of it.

I’m also proud to say I’m sharing my release date with a fellow Beachwalk author, Lacey Wolfe. Her book, Amber’s Muse, is a contemporary erotic tale of a librarian and her sexy hunk of a neighbor. Whew! Sounds hot, right?

I hope you’ll stop by Beachwalk Press and check out my book and Lacey’s too. I’ll be giving away a free copy from my website next week too, so be sure and visit me there: Thanks!


  1. I can't wait for Monday, ladies! Congratulations with these releases and the many more I'm sure are to follow:)

  2. I too love the writing community. Authors are the NICEST people I have met. It doesn't matter what genre or who they publish for. The just support you and want too!

  3. I agree about the community, I've always had the same experience with people being so nice and helping to promote one another. Good luck with your new release! And check out my site, for free promo ops - I'm happy to host any of you on there!

  4. I have been amazed at the community spirit, especially steamy romance! It is my one year anniversary next week too. And as a shy newbie, Erotica for all was one of the first websites I nervously checked out - and I'm so glad I did. Big congratulations for Monday ladies! x x x PS, where did you find that picture of us all, Pepper?!