Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our holiday traditions

Do you have a holiday tradition you celebrate?

Faye Hall:

Hubby and I make mountains of Truffles to last us for months (we freeze them) and I watch our 5 youngest kids and our goose play under the sprinkler in our backyard (we're in Nth Qld, Oz so it's gets pretty steamy here) 

Pamela Tyner:

It's a silly tradition, but when the kids were little i wanted to teach them why we celebrate Christmas and do it in a way they might remember, so every year on Christmas Eve I would make a cake and we would put a candle on it and sing "happy birthday, baby Jesus". When they got older they started to roll their eyes at it, so finally I decided to stop doing it. That night they wanted to know where the cake was and they were upset we didn't have one. Lucky I had cake mix and candles so the tradition continued!

Trish Cobbin:

Each year a new Christmas decoration is added to the tree. One for each of the family. This year we made our own baubles. Christmas Eve all the family stay over at mine. we have take out. The adults open their pressies in the eve once the kids are asleep. Christmas Day is all about the little ones. Then for 3 days we do the usual. Christmas roast. Boxing Day is cold meat mash and pickles and the day after bubble and squeak.

Tracey Rogers:

On Christmas Eve we watch It's A Wonderful Life as the mince pies cook. Then we go outside to sprinkle reindeer dust (yes I still make my 18yo do this) and 'Santa' usually leaves new pj's for when we come back inside.

Ella Jade:

Every year the Sunday before Christmas my mom and I bake cookies. We make a huge mess, laugh and watch Holiday Inn while we do it. It usually takes us about six hours to get it all done. As busy as the season gets we always make time for it. It's one of my favorite traditions.

Deanne Parker:

A tradition my husband and I started is searching for a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree. It can come from anywhere. A couple of years ago on vacation we went to Harrods in London and bought one. It's fun trying to top the year before and they bring back some fond memories.

Imogene Nix:

Christmas eve, we get together for a dinner of (hubs and daughters seafood) and chicken with salad. We don't use any of the main dining tables (they are already set up) and we enjoy the lights and the peace of the season. The we crank up the santa tracker (yes, oldest is 20, but we still do it) and settle in with christmas movies!

Nola Cross:

The movie A Christmas Story is definitely a tradition on Christmas Eve. I never get tired of it. We usually watch as a family. 

Tamaria Soana:

We do stockings on Christmas Eve! My girls know the stockings come from us. We all go shopping at Target for each other. Oh and we frost and decorate cookies! Notice I didn't say bake... because I hate doing that, so I buy 2 dozen unfrosted cookies from my local bakery every year

Ellen Cummins:

Everyone gets to open one gift on Christmas Eve. (of my choosing because I'm the only one who knows what's in there) We eat Mexican soup, drink mistletoe punch, and then after the family goes home and my kids are in bed, I stuff the stockings. I still leave milk and cookies out for Santa even though my kids are all grown up!!

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