Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's your favorite season?

Our favorite season!

Everyone has that one favorite season they enjoy the most.


T. Cobbin: I don't feel the cold - I don't even own a coat - winter. A snow baby

Pamela Tyner: Doesn't like the cold but prefers winter due to seasonal allergies.


Sassy Lewis: Spring which is your fall And yep Halloween although Australians don't go all out like you Americans I am Wiccan so it's a night I rarely miss celebrating. We decorate the house get all dressed up. My kids love it.

Lacey Wolfe: I love the spring because I hate the cold, so once spring comes, I can get my flip flops back out.


Tamaria Soana: Because it's finally warm in Buffalo


Olivia Starke: I love the colorful foliage and the cooling temperature.

A.K. Layton: sweatshirts, jeans, football and pumpkin spice everything!

Ella Jade: I love October and November. Pumpkin patches, caramel apples, Halloween, falling leaves and It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Ellen Cummins: Halloween...pumpkin everything...comfort food and family on thanksgiving!

Constance Bretes: I prefer to add more clothing to keep warm, then to try and not get indecent to the public eye.

Beth D. Carter: I love pumpkin season.

Deanna Parker: Fall is my favorite season. It is just before snow starts to fall. I start baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread and I get ready for Halloween dress up.

What's your favorite season?

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