Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Kisses....

First kisses...they can be memorable! Today some of the Beachwalk Press authors are sharing their first kisses:

Lacey Wolfe: My first kiss, I was 13 (I think) - and I was hanging out with friends and my boyfriend was there. I had only pick kissed a guy before but was ready to see what french kissing was all about. So my boyfriend and I snuck off to give it a try and I thought it was was GROSSEST thing ever. Later I learned, he just wan't good kisser.

Tamaria Soana: I was 14 and playing spin the bottle. It was okay I guess. The earth didn't move or anything.

Pamela Tyner: I was 14, and the kiss was...okay. But it was just okay. There were no 'fireworks', which I found disappointing. And sadly, the kisses never improved much with him. But thankfully, that wasn’t my only first kiss. You get a new first kiss with each relationship. And with my second first kiss--the fireworks exploded!

Ellen Cummins:  It was in sixth grade and we planned it all out. We were to meet behind the backstop at our elementary school. I picked out the perfect striped top and fluffed my hair up in a giant Farrah Fawcett do...We sat together on the bench in silence, then he went for it. Snake tongue extravaganza!! Ew. I walked home with my mouth open the whole time... Afraid to swallow. I broke up with him the next day.

Nola Cross: I was fifteen and the boy was Leo, my first boyfriend. He was older (19) and experienced, and was an excellent kisser. We're talking a whole flock of butterflies in the tummy.

Stephanie Beck: It was after a basketball game-I scored the most points, so I had to kiss someone. Kissed my neighbor boy.

Sassie Lewis:  I think I was only about 11-12 at the time. I was in year 6. His name was Anthony (I can't remember his surname) It happened behind one of the demountable building at school. Mind you I went to catholic school, one of those ones that has a church and everything on site. The kiss itself I can't really remember, but I guess it couldn't have been too good seeing I dumped him for his best friend a week later.....Yep I was a tart.

Jess Buffet: I was 13 and we were at school. It was so terrible. Lol I remember thinking why the hell do people do this?! smile emoticon Thankfully the second boy I got to kiss was better at it. Hell, I ended up marrying him. wink emoticon

Dilys J Carnie: I was 15 and it was disgusting, I thought he was going to eat me his mouth was so wide open

Hazel Gower: Wow, I had to really think. If we're talking about french with tongue I was 14, Ash, he was the worst kisser, or at least I learnt he was when I kissed someone else and was kissed properly. Ash was sloppy, and full of ego. He was the the popular guy, a major Jock, who kept asking me out and i turned him down until he wore me down and I said yes. We dated for a couple of months until I couldn't take all his saliva anymore.

Patricia Bates: First kiss...first grade. Harvey can't remember his last name now but we were doing a play...only reason I remember it - he bit my lip.

Kaylie Newell: At my first boy/girl party in sixth grade. Everyone paired up and he and I were the last ones to go. I just remember that his lips were really wet and squishy, and he tasted like punch.

Jaye Shields: First grade during recess. smile emoticon He told me he liked me, then kissed me beneath one of those giant tires.

Deanna Parker: I was 18. It was at a friends birthday party. I just remember hearing Wanted Dead or Alive playing in the background.

How was your first kiss?


  1. Loved reading about first kisses. I was about 15 I believe and went on a movie date with a boy from school. It was first date, first kiss for both of us, I'm sure. He put his arm around my shoulders and when I turned my hear towards him to say something about the film, he buzzed me with a closed mouth kiss. Wasn't bad....wasn't good either. Sort of nondescript.

  2. My first kiss was so long ago I don't remember it except that he was a cute 5th grader.

  3. My first kiss was wet & horrible. The second was better.

  4. My first kiss I recall on the bleachers in 5th grade: it was the 70s and my friend, Sean, was, "Go for it, dude" (having had some before - he was all like for using and abusing'm [70s]); I remember it was tacky and weeerd, I just preferred to take it slow and smooth. Gotta remember: it WAS in 5th grade, thus, I know I'm getting too psychologically Freudian. That's not what Upstairs...

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  5. I love all the responses. It's fun taking a trip down memory lane sometimes.