Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer reads...

What are you reading this summer?

For me, summer is a time to play catch up in my reading. I spend a lot of afternoons at our neighborhood pool, and as the kids play in the water with friends, I sneak in some screen time with a book.

I buy a lot of books through out the year and all to often they get left sitting on my kindle. Not because I don't want to read them, but just finding the time. This is a reason why I love novellas. I can always squeeze one of those into my busy life. At least with summer, I can get to some of the novels I've written that might take me a few days to read.

I'd love to hear what you're reading this summer and see if I should be adding it to my list. One book I know I need to read this summer is the Wayward Pines book.

I am totally hooked on the show and with a break in episodes, I've go to know what's going on. I plan to make this my next read. :)

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