Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Smiles - A personal story

Hi all! Today is a personal story. One I can smile about today, but boy was I embarrassed last night!

My son is leaving 5th grade this year, so the school puts on a "Moving Up" ceremony. Okay...ceremony should be the key word here. This event was booked at a nice church. When my son got home from school, we only had a little time to get ready. I'd looked over all the paper work and never saw a dress code. I said, "Do you need to dress nice?"

"No," he responded and went back to his video games.

So we got ready and left, leaving my son in his street clothes of a baggy T-shirt and athletic shorts. We arrive and I start seeing kids dressed nice. Button-down shirts, khakis, even ties. Girls with hair curled and cute dresses. My husband and I share a look then re-ask our son if he needed to be dressed nice.

"I don't know," he says.

Oh dear...we think he knows.

I walk him down to where the 5th graders have met. I don't embarrass easily but I was a little when I dropped him off in his "Rockin St. Louis" shirt his dad got him on a business trip.

As we watch the ceremony and see our son go across the stage. We laugh because we were the only parents who didn't dress our kid up. And hey, at least no one sitting around us knows he's ours. Ha ha!

After we got home last night, I smiled about it. It fit my son. He never wears anything else but what he had on last night, which his long, in your face hair. It's just the end of 5th grade. He didn't seem bothered a bit by how he was dressed. And believe me, I asked. He just shrugged and said it didn't matter.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope my post made you smile!

-Lacey Wolfe


  1. LOL that's too funny. I would have been dying if that was me and one of my kids!

    1. It was rather embarrassing, but it's over. :) I told my daughter when she'd in 5th and has this ceremony, she will be dressing up!

  2. You've got yourself a little rebel there!

    I like it!