Thursday, May 14, 2015

It is New Cover!!

by Stephanie Beck
I'm one of those writers who likes to have their own thing going...but loves a fun 'call'. When Beachwalk Press put out a call for psychic romance short stories, I went, meh. That's not my thing. I don't find the topic all that interesting, so I shrugged it off and decided to wait for the next call.

But then I got thinking. And I kept thinking. In all of that thinking, Indy and Lee came to life. I would be humming and thinking, plotting, really, and someone would talk to me--I'd ignore them. My middle daughter understands me well--she put it best--"Mom is working. You can't see it yet, but she's working on a story."

Indy and Lee's story, Indigo Stars, combines a sassy leading lady who feels she's wandering without a real path and a leading man who's walked his path firmly and upright for a long time. Their psychic gifts, for better and worse, have contributed to their paths, and help the two unite.

You can meet Indy and Lee in Beachwalk Press's Psychic Seductions, due out in July!

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