Monday, May 11, 2015

Contract Announcement....Virgin Cowboy

I'm thrilled to announce that Virgin Cowboy, the next story in the Carver Ranch series will be releasing August 17th, 2015 from Beachwalk Press. If you've read this series so far (and I really hope you have, it's a great series, read it!), then you'll be getting Braden's story. There will be one more story after this, and it will be Melissa's story which I hope to start writing this fall when the kids return to school. My kids have 9 days left of school. Eek!

Here is the rough...very rough blurb of Virgin Cowboy. It really is a good thing an editor gets a hold of this before it releases. lol.

Courtney Johnson, single mom and bar owner, hasn’t had much time to date in her life. That all changed one evening when Braden Carver asks her out on a date. At first she rejects him, but something inside her longs to know him.

Braden’s had a crush on Courtney for years, but never acted on it—until now. Even after she turns him down for a date, she sends mixed signals, causing him a lot of confusion. Before he knows it, he’s calling her sweetheart on the dance floor.

As things progress and heat up between them, one things still lingers—Braden’s a virgin. What will Courtney think when she learns of his innocence?

-Lacey Wolfe


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Looking forward to Braden's story!!

  2. Congratulations on your newest release! Here's to wonderful success to what sounds like a fabulous story!