Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cat Lady in the House

Hi there! I'm thrilled to be the newest Beachwalk Press author contributing to the Spicin' It Up Blog. I write sensual contemporary stories. This past year, Beachwalk published Sunny's Second Chance and Sunny's Hope, and coming right up I'll be part of the Psychic Seductions anthology with my story A Hint of Heaven. I am an unapologetic cat lady, and I include a cat in every story I write. Sunny owned Mr. Trix, and Muffin starred in a special way in A Hint of Heaven. In real life, I cannot imagine not having at least one feline in the house, and currently we have four. That works for us, since we live in the boonies, and our pets get to spend hours of perfect cat enjoyment hunting in the neighboring fields. Today, I thought you might like to meet my cat crew. Shadow and Doshia are brother and sister. They were born in our garage fourteen years ago when a feral mom cat took up temporary residence and then went her way.
Frisco and Maggie are just a year old. Also the offspring of a feral mother, they were given to us by friends who found four kittens in their garage as well.
Thanks for stopping to see my babies. I'd love to hear about your pets too. Leave me comment, won't you? See you in two weeks! ~ Nola Cross "Small town...big love."


  1. Lovely looking cats, I enjoyed reading about them 😃

  2. Hey Nola, cat lady extraordinaire!!!

    So glad you're here!!

  3. Love those pics!