Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

by Stephanie Beck

Pst. Closer. Come. Closer....okay, that's better. So, it was nearly 70 degrees today. And the sun was shining. If you live in Minnesota, you know why I'm whispering--I don't want Mother Nature to hear me and think I'm excited for the warm weather. If she knows....snow.

But seriously, there is something about spring that makes me a little giddy. I crawl out of my house after a long cold winter, and kind of want to run around naked. I don't, but in my heart of hearts, I want to get butt nekkid and do a little dance in my yard.

With the changing of the seasons, I always find myself reassessing the path I'm on, and tweaking. Spring is one of those times where I feel especially brave. I take on waaaay too much with the thought that the days are longer, the sun is brighter, and I can do whatever comes before me. Long story short--I get very tired in the spring.

What about you? Do you find yourself overcommitting in the spring? Any season that you're especially excited for and end up saying 'yes' even when you should say 'no'?

One thing you should say yes to? Reading. Yep. Right now. Say yes to reading, and then say yes to the Justice Fraternity Chronicles--now available as a super sexy box set from Beachwalk Press.

Saving the world and falling in love.

Launch into action with the Justice Fraternity Chronicles. Meet the team—Man of Wonder, Dinah-Go, Crypto-Man, and Sparrow—as they face the evil doers of Silver City and beyond.

Super Love:
Man of Wonder lost Dinah-Go once, back when their only identities were the ones behind their masks. Now, as Myles, he is out to win Dinah's heart and bring her back to the life she loves as a superhero.

Crypto Love:
Sidekick extraordinaire, Crypto Man is all about being a hero. He fights beside Man of Wonder but is questioning his place in the Justice Fraternity. When something fishy is going on in his old hometown, Crypto Man heads over to check it out. Teaming up with Penna Banena—a supermodel with superhero dreams—wasn't in his plan, but it might be time for Crypto Man to be more than a sidekick.

Fallen Love:
Broken-hearted Sparrow and the brilliant Dr. Erica Simons must work together for the betterment of superheroes everywhere. Her research could change the world…if Sparrow can keep her alive long enough to share it. An old foe emerges, and Sparrow will have more than inner demons to fight if he hopes to win the day, and the doctor's heart.

Content Warning: This book contains scenes of epic bad guy butt-kicking and delightful displays of sexy affection—sometimes on the same page. No capes required.

All the best,
Stephanie Beck

HEY!! (*now I'm not worried about Mother Nature*) Join my street team--Stephanie Beck Sorority. Low maintenance, easy going, fun pillow fights--you'll love it!


  1. Your book sounds really good.

    I like the spring season since I can sit out on my patio with a glass of iced tea, my doggie by my side, and read, read, read. yeah

  2. Since we really don't have a great change with the seasons it doesn't seem to be a big deal to get excited about. I do like the flowers and there seem to be more of them in the Spring. And the weather gets better so that is nice. But pretty much we do the same things year round.