Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What the Beachwalk Press authors enjoy snacking on while they write...

Thanks for stopping stopping by. Today fellow Beachwalk Press authors are sharing the items that help them get through a writing session.

Stephanie Beck likes her coffee in a superhero cup!

Ellen Cummins like her coffee with lots of french vanilla creamer.

Olivia Starke loves gummy bears.

Ella Jade has a Starbucks iced tea.

Lacey Wolfe enjoys a cup of hot tea.

Lisa Knight also enjoys coffee while writing.

Tara Mills enjoy her favorite cheese.

Imogene Nix has her favorite candy and some coffee.

Tracey Rogers also indulges in her favorite candy.

Tamaria Soana likes Hershey kisses and popcorn

We hope you enjoyed learning about our treats. What do you like when you're working?

*Note: Each comment on a blog post in March enters you into our monthly giveaway. This month it's a swag pack from Stephanie Beck.*


  1. I knew there was a reason to like Olivia so much..... I love Gummie Bears!!

  2. I love a cup of tea in hand when I read.

  3. Now I'm hungry! LOL