Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The pets that warm our hearts

Check out the pets that keep some of the Beachwalk Press authors company during their downtime and writing time.

This is Boyfiend - Tabitha Rayne's cat

Meet Buffy, Sunshine, and Tigger - Constance Bretes kitties

Meet Luna the dog and Princess Lily the hamster - Tamaria Soana's pets.

Ella Jade's tiny pup Roxie

Meet Cocoa the cat and Teddy the dog - Imogene Nix's pets.

Meet Cocoa the dog, Valerie and Zoey - Lacey's Wolfe's pets.

Cody and Storm are Susan Child's dogs.

Katness and Tauriel are Tracey Rogers guinea pigs.

Meet Kiki - Nola Cross's dog.

This is Molly -Deanna Parker's dog.

This is Sophie, Ellen Cummin's dog.

Last, but not least, Tucker - Stephanie Beck's pup.