Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The offices of the Beachwalk Press authors

Every wonder what an authors office looks like? You're in luck. Some of the Beachwalk Press authors are showing off their work space!

Here is Tracey Roger's office. My, that looks awfully comfy! 

Dilys J Carnie has herself a fun little nook for creating her stories.

Ella Jade writes from her kitchen, and can you blame her with that view!

Lacey Wolfe uses her formal dining room as an office and usually has several kitties in there with her.

Imogene Nix looks like she's got her organization down!

Ellen Cummins and Lacey Wolfe might share an office. Just kidding! A lovely office Ellen has.

Tamaria Soana's office looks like it's in a quiet part of the house to get her erotic writing done.

Tara Mills has a nice set-up, and what author doesn't love spending time on Facebook.

Deanna Parker has two monitors. Writing and facebook. :)

Nola Cross has a great window to stare out while she works out her writing scenes.

We hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the authors works area! Coming up February 25th, meet the special animals of the Beachwalk authors lives.


  1. Wow, I want Tracey Roger's office with Ella's view!

  2. Love all the lovely working spaces.

  3. They look awesome!! Keep up the good work everyone!!!

  4. Gee mine looks so disorganised! But it works!! I promise :)

  5. Boy, you just DON'T want to see my office. Jim and I share the area and his stuff takes up 2/3 of the room, while I get a merely 1/4 of the area and I'm hemmed in and crowded, and messy, just plain messy.