Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Boy Next Door Anyone?

As a romance author who specializes in the erotic genre I get to create lots of guilty pleasures. I get emails and messages all the time from readers thanking me for writing certain scenes. I'm always intrigued when someone quotes back my dialog or makes a teaser picture with one of their favorite scenes from a book of mine. When I'm creating plots and characters I have no idea what's going to resonate with someone. It's always thrilling to hear my books and ideas struck a chord. I love to escape into a book or movie. Life can get hectic sometimes so those moments are golden.

Most of my heroes are older than the heroine. My own husband is almost nine years older than me, so the older guy/younger girl troupe entices me. I love to read/write about the sexy, sophisticated college professor and his naughty romp with a student or the older billionaire who comes in and sweeps the girl off her feet just when she really needs him to. Imagine my surprise when I came across the trailer for the upcoming movie The Boy Next Door and felt compelled for more. It completely reverses what I'm used to writing about. In this one, Jennifer Lopez plays the older woman, but she's seduced by the younger guy. In the movie he's a bit younger than I would like, but knowing that Ryan Guzman (the actor who plays her student) is twenty-seven in real life makes admiring his face a little easier.

The trailer blew me away and now I'm bouncing off the walls waiting to see this one. I love a good thriller and The Boy Next Door looks like it has some pretty twisted moments.

This movie looks like it's going to be the guilty pleasure I've been waiting for.

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