Monday, December 8, 2014

Top 5 ways to resist a Cowboy...could you?

Happy Monday!
Counting Cowboys is currently on blog tour and I had to write several guest posts. One of my favorite was my top 5 list on how to resist a cowboy for the Reading Between The Wines blog site.

Top 5 ways to resist a cowboy

1. Don’t even look at him. DON’T – especially if he’s shirtless. You don’t want to see that smooth and tan chest that will make your mouth water. Or that sexy smirk as his gaze travels your body.

2. Avoid listening to him, especially if he calls you darlin’. Once you hear his drawl, he’ll be able to smooth talk you into anything.

3. If he offers you a ride on his horse, say no. Otherwise you’ll feel his strong arms wrapped around you. You’ll inhale his woodsy scent. His mouth will be close to your neck, and with all the touching, you’ll find yourself craving him fast.

4. If he asked you to dance, it’s going to lead to more touching. As well as twirling. He might even whisper sweet words into your ears, hoping you’ll drop the wall around you and let him in.

5. Oh, and did I say don’t look at him in that hat? Or those tight blue jeans that look as though they were made for his backside as well as his well endowed packaged. The best think you can do is not to make eye contact, because once you see the passion in his eyes, you’re gonna be a goner.

Warning: These tips were brought to you by Lacey Wolfe – follow them at your own discretion. But if all else fails, give in and ride a cowboy.

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