Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Grading on Curves by Tara Mills

This week, we've got a spicy scene from Grading on Curves by Tara Mills.
With the end of the school year right around the corner, Mia only got to see Curt once that
following week and that was for a hasty meal Monday night before he ran back to the school to set up for his classes the next day. He was simply too busy to give her anything else at the moment, what with a flurry of late assignments coming in, reviewing the last quarter with his classes, setting pop quizzes, and planning his final test. She had to cope without him.
It wasn’t easy. Now she understood the full and unpleasant meaning of the expression pining. She was pining for her lover—big time.
Every evening Mia took her phone into her bedroom when she turned in, knowing Curt would call to say goodnight. It was his Tuesday call that transformed every one afterward into a sexy little secret between them. There was an understanding now that they’d both be in bed by then.
“What color is it?” he asked softly.
Mia pressed the phone against her ear with her shoulder and pulled her bedside drawer open, her hand closing around the vibrator hidden inside. “Baby blue.”
“Is it loud?”
“Not under the covers.”
“Put it under the covers and turn it on. I want to see if I can hear it.”
She did and held her breath, waiting for the verdict before finally asking, “Well?”
“Pretty quiet. Make a little noise for me.”
“I always do.”
“I know, and I love it.” God, that seductive tone of his always got her going.
Mia laughed. “What are you doing?”
“Wishing this was your hand and that was me between your legs. Pretend it’s me, okay?”
“That would take a stretch of the imagination.”
“What can I do to help?” he asked.
“Talk me through this.”
His low chuckle in her ear made her quiver. “Squeeze your breast, and tell me what you feel like under the covers.”
“Soft, full, yet empty at the same time.”
“We can’t have that. Turn it back on.”
She gave the vibrator a twist and it hummed to life.

“Good girl. Let’s make you moan. Moan for me, Mia.”


One-on-one instruction never felt so right—or so wrong.

There’s nothing unusual about Mia Page’s attraction to the young science teacher at the middle school. After all, she’s not the only one who finds him enticing. But when he pulls her son aside to ask for her phone number, she knows she’s in serious trouble. Since her divorce four years earlier, she’s been out of circulation, choosing to focus on parenting instead, and she’s not entirely sure she can handle an entanglement with the sexy Mr. Walden.

There are also other reasons why getting involved with Curt would be a bad idea. He’s two years shy of thirty, and she’s on the downside of that unmentionable number. He’s adamant about never having kids, and she has a son. Even the guy’s romantic gifts are suspect. Energy saving light bulbs? He has to be kidding.

On the other hand, he’s fun, sweet, and smart. He stimulates her intellectually, emotionally, and Lord help her, physically, opening her eyes to life outside her comfortable world. Yet their differences quietly gnaw at Mia even while she succumbs to their undeniable chemistry.

As their romance deepens, so do Mia’s fears that Curt will eventually hurt her. On edge, all it takes is an innocent comment to provoke her into drawing first blood. Mia recklessly wounds Curt, learning only too late that this blade cuts both ways. Frantic to make amends, she fears it might be too late to admit the feelings she’s tried so hard to suppress.

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