Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Dessert First by Lisa Knight

Welcome back to another teaser Tuesday. Today we have a snippet from Lisa Knightls latest release-Dessert First!
When the doors closed for the day Ben and Abby were the last ones left in the café. He had offered to do some personal training in regard to the coffee machine and assured his mum that he would lock up when they were done.

After about an hour she’d mastered the cappuccino and the latte, yet was still a little sketchy on all of the others. It didn’t help that Ben was planting soft kisses along the base of her neck while she tried to remember the coffee to milk ratios and pour boiling hot liquids into cups and mugs to make them look semi-presentable.

In the end Abby gave up on the coffee and turned around to face Ben, whose lips moved instantly to hers.

He wrapped his arms around her and deepened their kiss, penetrating her mouth with his tongue. Abby’s head began to spin and she became lost in Ben’s encompassing presence. Her hands traveled to his butt and his breathing quickened as she wandered over the firm muscles of his behind, then up and under his t-shirt. His skin was hot and slightly damp in the heat of the summer evening, and she let her hands explore the vastness of his wide torso, surely twice the width of her own frame.

She gasped as Ben’s hands cupped her breasts and his fingers gently toyed over the front of her bra. His mouth moved from her lips onto her neck and he began a journey of kisses up to her jaw, which seemed to have a direct link to her groin, causing her to cry out.

Abby tugged at Ben’s t-shirt, wanting to touch more of his bare skin, and he pulled it up over his head before doing the same with hers. It suddenly occurred to Abby that there could well be a crowd of people on the street watching their every move. With a nervous peep toward the windows, she breathed a sigh of relief to see that the blinds were pulled. Ben must have done it earlier when he’d flipped the sign on the door to ‘closed.’ She hadn’t even noticed. She’d been so preoccupied with all that coffee.

Having removed her shoes due to an unwelcome blister on her little toe, Abby stood before Ben wearing only jeans and her bra. She took a moment to absorb the glory of his well defined abs and couldn’t quite decide if this was real or if she was somehow in an episode of Bondi Rescue, her absolute favorite show back home.

Ben kissed her again, and suddenly everything took on a rather urgent role and there was a flurry of clothes discarded to the floor. Abby ran her hands over Ben’s stomach, unable to fathom that all those muscles were actually real. As she explored further down his body she decided that she definitely must be dreaming. No man was this spectacular, this glorious, this huge.

“Oh God, Abby,” Ben murmured breathlessly, pressing against her, pinning her between himself and the countertop. Fleetingly, she noted the contrast of the heat of his body compared to the cool stone bench against her bare skin before her mind began to swim and she was unable to think of anything except having all of him. Now.


Does being in love mean giving up everything?

Overwhelmed by shame after a dodgy one-night stand, Abby Henderson finds herself in Niagara Falls and hopes sexy barista Ben Pryor can help extinguish her ever present guilt. When a letter arrives from home, turning her life upside down, she realizes her holiday fling actually feels a lot more like the real thing.

Long-distance romance proves harder than Abby thought, and with crazy advice from fortune tellers to 'follow the scent', she finds herself forced to choose between her rising career and the man she loves.

Content Warning: contains some sexual content and explicit language

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  1. Where's a fan when you need one? Terrific excerpt!