Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Counting Cowboys by Lacey Wolfe

Welcome to this weeks tease! On November 17th, 2014, Counting Cowboys will be live. How about another sneak peek into this story. This time a little more sexy.

She sipped through her straw, the liquid quenching a thirst she hadn’t realized she had. “So, let me get this straight—I’m offering myself to you, and you’re turning me down?”
He balled his hands into fists. “Yup.”
She glanced around. “Wonder if anyone else might want to…”
Her words trailed off because he now stood beside her. His hand wrapped around her neck and tilted her face up. “You will not be going home with someone else.”
Then his mouth found hers. Her eyes widened, shocked he was kissing her, but when she closed them, her mouth opened. Her tongue tangled with his. If she’d been turned on before, it was nothing compared to the flood that was building below the belt. She was ready to wrap her legs around his waist just so she could feel his hard erection against her, but doing that in the middle of Long Necks might not be appropriate.
His fingers tightened in her hair, and he kissed her harder. She clung to his arms, and he leaned her back farther in her chair. Hopefully she wouldn’t fall off the back of this thing. That would be embarrassing.
Tucker broke the kiss and stared at her with a longing in his eyes. “That was better than I expected.”
“Oh, yeah?” She looked around. “Is there someplace a little more private where we could kiss? Nothing more, I promise.”
* * * *
Lauren giggled as Tucker pressed her back into the side of his truck. He nudged her legs apart and stepped between them.
“This is as private as I could get us.”
“I think you could’ve found somewhere else.” She tossed her hair behind her shoulder.
“This is safe.”
She curled her hands around his neck, and he knew he was a goner as her green eyes stared at him. Fuck. Why the hell had he wanted to keep this tame? He should be taking her back to his place, tying her to his bed, and having his way with her.
He claimed her lips with a greed he hadn’t been expecting. She moaned and tightened her grip on his neck. He dug his nails into her side as he pressed his cock into her stomach, making sure she knew what it was she did to him.
Her breasts were against his chest. Breaking the kiss, he trailed his lips down her neck so he could take a peek through the top of her blouse. Seeing her creamy breasts in the black bra, he groaned. Were her nipples hard for him? Damn, if they weren’t outside, he’d find out.
Lauren grabbed his face and brought his lips back to hers. Ah, a woman who knew what she wanted…and it was him. He placed both hands on his truck on either side of her body. It was best to keep them off her, or else he’d begin stripping her in the back parking lot of Long Necks.
She tangled her hands in the hem of his shirt, tugging it out of his waistband. If she touched him, this would be over. He’d haul his truck door open, lay her on the seat, and spread her legs apart. Her fingers caressed his belly button, teasing him as she dipped them a little lower then back up.
Okay, he had to stop this. He was about to spill in his pants like a thirteen-year-old boy who’d just seen his first nudie magazine.
He tore away from her, taking several steps back. Whatever they had between them, it was strong. He stared at her, her lips swollen from the passion.
“We’ve got to stop.”
She nodded. “I think you’re right. I don’t know what came over me.” She looked around, taking a deep breath.
“God, you’re so beautiful.”
“How could you not know? You’re perfect. I can’t find anything wrong with you.” He stepped closer.
“Complimenting me like that isn’t good. I might want to kiss you again.”
“No more kissing.”
“No more kissing.” She pushed away from the truck, adding more distance between them.


Can a hot cowboy convince Lauren to stay in Texas and take another chance on love?

Tucker Carver likes to have fun and has no intention of settling down anytime soon. He handles the business side of Carver Ranch for his family, and on the day he’s scheduled to meet with their accountant, he instead meets a beautiful woman who changes everything.

Lauren Ford packed up and moved to Texas to start over after her fiancé had an affair with her best friend. Her father’s retiring and has offered to let her take over his accounting firm. When she meets Tucker she’s immediately taken with him, despite his reputation as a ladies’ man. Knowing she isn’t looking for love, or even if she wants to stay in Texas, she decides to have fun with Tucker and keep her feelings at bay.

After one taste of Lauren, Tucker has other plans. Lauren is the woman he wants, but for some reason she’s resisting. And it doesn’t help when her ex-fiancé shows up in town wanting her to go back to Georgia with him. Can Tucker convince her that his feelings are true, or will he lose her forever?

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sexual scenes

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