Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spicin' It Up Flash Fiction Contest! #flashfiction

Congrats to this week's winner Crystal Wells!
This week's writing prompt is: The smell of scorched sugar filled the kitchen
Now the Rules:

I'll give you a writing prompt and you'll write a story including said prompt that's between 150-250 words. That means it must be at least 150 words BUT no more than 250 words. Leave your story in the comments section below. I'll be the weekly judge and you'll want to leave your name, email address, and word count for me at the end of your story. I have to have all these things, especially the email addy to contact the winner. :)

The contest will run from Wednesday 12 AM Eastern (U.S.) to 11:59 PM Eastern (U.S.). Make sure to get your story in before closing! Any posted after 11:59 PM will not be entered. I'll announce the winner Thursday on this blog post, the Beachwalk Press Readers' Group and will also email the winner by Thursday evening.

And what does the winner receive? The above nifty button to show off where ever they darn well please and bragging rights that they told a fantastic story in 250 words or less! :)

(FYI All stories submitted are the physical & intellectual property of the authors.)
You must include the exact words in the writing prompt above. It can be anywhere in the story, as long as it's in there.
This contest is open to everyone, now blow me away with your awesome stories!


  1. Betty-Jo bit the inside of her cheek as the smell of scorched sugar filled the kitchen. Holy hell, she forgot her pristine pecan pie. Well it wasn’t so pristine now, was it? She ran to the oven and pulled it down as a big bellow of black smoke set off the smoke alarm. Coughing she flipped a kitchen towel back and forth.
    The smoke cleared enough for her to see her nephew running full tilt toward her, toting a fire extinguisher. Before she could stop him, white spurts of fire retardant foam covered her. Fortunately, her brother caught his son before the entire kitchen was coated. Unfortunately, her mouth had been open. Burnt sugar and fire retardant did not taste good.
    Clumps of white slid down her chin and plopped onto the smoldering pie, hissing as it hit. She closed her eyes and wished to be anywhere but here. Her first Christmas back in years and already she had destroyed the family dinner.
    A husky chuckle reached past all the stink and foam. She knew that laugh and wished the earth would just swallow her whole. Of all the people… She peered through the foam and smoke to see laughing eyes dancing in her direction. Her brother’s best friend, Nigel stood with his arms folded over his chest. Taking pity, he pulled a clean towel from the cupboard and stepped forward to wipe her face. Despite the complete and utter humiliation of having him clean her up, she tingled.
    250 Words Crystal H

  2. Camille laughed as Zack made a face at her across the island in his spacious kitchen.
    “Anderson, don’t you have anything better to do?” Cami teased as she stirred the caramel sauce for their dessert.
    “Yeah.” His grin turned lascivious as he pinned Cami to the counter with his big body. His work-roughened hands gently cupped her face. His kiss, however, was anything but. White-hot desire seared through to her core, and her knees threatened to buckle. Her eyes fluttered closed as she gave herself to him. Her breaths were ragged when he finally released her.
    “I guess I can’t argue with that.” She blushed at the husky quality of her voice.
    Zack chuckled. “I love it when my women are amenable.”
    Cami absently rubbed her wrists. “Or tied up.”
    “I’ll take you any way I can get you.” He plundered her lips one more time in a kiss so carnal that she heard bells ringing in her ears.
    It took another second to realize the bells were actually the shrill shriek of the smoke alarm as the acrid, sickly-sweet smell of scorched sugar filled the kitchen.
    “Oh shit!” Cami removed the heavy saucepan from the burner as Zack frantically tried dissipating the smoke with a dish towel.
    “So much for dessert,” Cami huffed as she cooled and discarded the burnt caramel.
    She almost dropped the saucepan as the towel pinned her arms to her sides. Zack’s voice growled in her ear.
    “I’ll just make you dessert instead.”
    Cari B. 248 words.