Friday, November 7, 2014

A Day In The Life Of NanoWrimo

Happy Friday!

As you may have guessed today I'm sharing my experience as a NanoWrimo participant and having a catch-up with you all.

First let me say welcome to the newest Beachwalk Babes who have recently signed contracts with Beachwalk Press. Huge congratulations to Crystal Donahue and Deanne Parker!

If like me you are starting to feel the cold, you can grab a bargain read to snuggle up with as part of the Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular. There are 17 titles available for only 99 cents! Click here for more details.

Personally, I'm very pleased to be able to share with you my blurb for Dating in the Dark...


Can you find what you need hidden within the dark?

Hiding out in his sister’s bakery to recover from a recent injury isn’t an ideal solution for newly unemployed meteorologist Damian Trent. Especially since he doesn’t like cake. But hiding anywhere is preferable to facing the media frenzy revolving around his life. He has no intention of being seen by anyone. That is, until he hears a honey-toned voice over the phone.

Public relations agent Sophie Rose has a boss who makes her working week a hellish one. He drives her to her need for sugar, so the recently opened Sweet Delights Bakery is perfect for her much needed Friday treat. But one day when she calls to place an order, she gets an unexpected surprise.

Sophie’s keen to dump her V-plates, though only the right man will do. Damian, with his sexy, yet familiar sounding voice, seems the ideal person for her to gain some much needed experience with. But why do they need to date in the dark?

Content Warning:  contains sensual sex

Dating in the Dark happens to be my NanoWrimo project from last year. If you aren't familiar with Nano, it's the National Novel Writing Month where writers aim to write a book from November 1st - 30th. Yep, you read that right. Write an entire novel in a month. I didn't achieve it last year, which makes me wonder why I'm attempting it again. But the truth is, as difficult as it sounds it's very motivating and gets the cogs whirring on full speed. Although they tend to have a tendency to pause every so often. Make that very often. Procrastination is my Nano downfall. For example, take a look at one of my writing days...


Wake up with the thought that this is going to be the day of all the words.

8.30am Shoo teen boys out of the door and take daughter to school.
9am Return home. Getting excited to get some words down. But first coffee and toast. How can I function without coffee? Switches the kettle on and sorts laundry as I wait.
9.30am Have coffee and washing machine is full and working magic. Time to create magic of my own. Switch laptop on and open file. But wait - must check to see if I've had a life changing email.
10.30am Checked emails, deleted spam, checked bank balance and somehow ended up on social media. This time no distractions!
10.45am Answer the door to the postman. Now what was I doing? Oh right, must check email and social media.
11.15am Puzzled as to how I ended up on social media. Gets the focus back and enjoys the flow.
12.10pm Gets a call to collect injured daughter from school. Cuddles needed.
2pm DVD and food a distraction from injury. Check emails and social media. Life still not changed from either. Get more words down while listening to 'Let It Go'.
3.15pm Teen arrives home. Needs equipment for homework ASAP that only I will have the power to locate. Closes file and gives in to family time.
8.30pm Daughter in bed, teens hiding in their pit (aka, bedroom). Irons school uniform, rescues stinky PE kit from school bag that is needed for the next day.
9.30pm Checks email, social media and achievements of other Nano'ers.
10pm Reads through the days efforts, tweaks some, deletes more and starts to add to word count.
11.15pm Hits sticky patch. 
11.30pm Still stuck. Bed and reading time.
1am About to nod off. Thinks of way out of sticky patch and the most awesome idea ever. Idea is so awesome I will remember it forever! Falls asleep.

Today is going to be a day of all the words. Now what was that idea I had???

Yes Nano is tough, and no doubt I won't be a winner this year either. But something that makes you think of words can only be good. So to anyone else out there taking part, good luck! It might take a lot longer than a month, but hitting The End is the best feeling ever. And then the hard work really begins ;-)
I'm off to check my emails...and my social media...and is the laundry basket full again? Have a great weekend all!
~ Tracey