Friday, September 26, 2014

Author Perks

There are many, many benefits of being a writer. Fulfilling your need to express and create, researching and discovering something new. Of course there is the thrill of gaining a contact which never ceases to gain an inelegant squeal or two. But, one of the perks has to be having a valid reason to search for images. Yep, I'm talking the hunt for man chest here.

Personally as a reader I don't need a specific image to refer to for the hero or heroine. I generally form my own visual from the author's description, and also from how I want them to look. Writing though - completely different. Often an image can drag you out of a sticky spot, invigorate your imagination, and okay I admit, they make you feel pretty happy. I often use pinterest to formulate ideas and sometimes there will be an image that inspires a line of dialogue or a new scene.

Here are some of my boards...

So, would I be happy if my hubby started searching pinterest for the same images I do? Not at all. Sexist much? I have to admit it is. But my hubby works as an engineer, so having a female form board would be pretty hard for him to explain. I'm lucky enough that this is a perk I get to call 'research'.

Do you like to see images, or do you prefer to leave it all to imagination?

Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.
~ Tracey

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