Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Delayed Justice by Constance Bretes

It's Tantalizing Tuesday and today we've got an excerpt from Delayed Justice by Constance Bretes.


She headed to the kitchen to put some water in the kettle to make tea, but Makeeta grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms. He brought his head down and kissed her. He crushed her to him, and as his tongue traced her lips, she responded earnestly to his kiss. She was shocked that she responded so readily to him and she gave herself freely to the passion of his kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands drew her in tightly against him as he gently rubbed up and down her back.
Sami pulled away from him. “Please, stop.”
“What’s wrong?” Makeeta asked softly.
“We shouldn’t do this. I mean...I...um, I’ve got some pretty ugly scars on my back and my legs.”
“So?” Makeeta whispered. Sami held her head down, and Makeeta placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face up until their eyes met. “Scars don’t bother me, Sami, you should know that by now.”
He gently pulled her back into his embrace, and after a few minutes, he started kissing her again. His lips trailed her jawline, and he planted a tantalizing kiss in the hollow of her neck. He released her hair from its clip, and it cascaded down her back. His hands found the bottom of her sweater, and he slipped them under it, touching her skin. The touch was so sensual it set off a barrage of fireworks inside her. His hands were at her waist, and slowly, gently, he caressed her back. He stopped kissing her and looked deeply into her eyes.
He splayed his hands and lifted the sweater up and over her head and tossed it on a chair. His hands went to her back, slightly caressing her scarred skin, setting her on fire. He unhooked her bra and swiftly tossed it aside. His hands then explored her breasts. The touch on her nipples sent off more sparks of pleasure. Bending his head, he started kissing each breast. Her nipples hardened under his ministrations, and it sent new spirals of ecstasy through her. He came back up to kiss her on her mouth again, and she started fumbling with the buttons on his shirt When she got his shirt unbuttoned and slid it off his shoulders, she marveled at his beautiful chest, muscular and masculine.
Sami looked at him admirably. “You are like a bronze sculpture. So beautiful.”
“Mmm, I’m thinking you’re quite beautiful yourself.”
He guided her into the bedroom.


Can two former lovers set aside their differences and work together to bring a criminal to justice? 

Five years ago, Sami Parker's life was changed forever when she was injured in a bombing incident which left another young woman dead—a woman who happened to be the fiancée of Sheriff Makeeta Robertson, Sami's former lover. Initially, Sami was a suspect in the crime, but the sheriff was forced to release her due to a lack of evidence. The town, convinced that she got away with murder, turned against her. 

At last an arrest has been made and the sheriff needs Sami's help to get a conviction, but can she trust him? Although wary and cautious, she wants to see this man brought to justice and wants to clear her own name once and for all. But the awakening feelings she has for Makeeta bring yet another problem. Then there's the secret she's kept for the last five years—one she may not be able to keep any longer, and one that may change the outcome of the trial. 

Content Warning: contains some sexual content 

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