Friday, August 15, 2014

Comfort Reading

So August is officially the busiest month of the year for me. Possibly a warm up run for that 'C' word, *whispers* Christmas. And we are only half way through the month!

From the start of the month it's been a run of my youngest and eldest children's birthdays, exam results for the teen, day trips to keep them all entertained, sports events (not for me!) and my wedding anniversary is in a few days time. Yep it's still the school holidays here :-) In between all of those things and trying to avoid kids overuse of the dreaded words 'bored' and 'annoying', I've been busy working on edits for both Employee of the Month and Dating in the Dark. Which is my moment of excitement.
Not long to wait now!

I love school holidays, as hectic as they may be, because it's a chance to reconnect with the offspring. There's no better way of connecting than sharing a few movies together, even if you do wake in the middle of the night with 'Let It Go' as a very loud ear-worm. But what it does do is stifle any writing opportunities and I must admit to getting a little twitchy when I'm not creating the story in my head. Though to make it all better I must admit to seeking comfort from the worlds of others. I have read like a demon! There's nothing like winding down on a hectic day than with a good book, and reading really is my comfort blanket. And having had a sneaky peek at some of the new releases coming very soon from Beachwalk Press, I can honestly say you're in for a treat too :-)

Chocolate also helps for me. What do you seek for comfort?

Have a lovely weekend! I'm off to 'let' my daughter beat me at Guess Who again.
~ Tracey

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