Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's a Birthday Bash

Help us celebrate. 

Starting today, the Beachwalk Babes will be hosting author chats on our Facebook Readers' Group. This weekend kicks off with Ella Jade and Constance Bretes.

But that's not all. Oh no. We're also holding a Beachwalk Blog Tour July 11th - 13th and each of us will be sharing three things we love about writing. Yes, there will be prizes, though that's not the only reason to join the fun. I hope you agree. Bribery between friends is such an indelicate thing. Wink.

Here's the schedule, so you can be sure you don't miss connecting with your favorite author. But for heaven's sake, don't miss out on discovering someone new to you too.

So stop by. Let's get this party started!

July 5 – Ella Jade
July 6 – Constance Bretes
July 7 – Tamaria Soana
July 8 – Tabitha Rayne
July 9 – Emily Wood
July 10 – Stephanie Beck and Tara Mills
July 11 – Pepper Anthony
July 12 – Lacey Wolfe
July 13 – Ashlynn Monroe
July 14 – Imogene Nix
July 15 - Patricia Bates
July 16 – Tracey Rogers
July 17 - Beachwalk Press
July 18 – Olivia Starke
July 19 – Jaye Shields
July 20 - Sidda Lee Tate


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