Friday, June 27, 2014

A Beachwalk Wedding

Hello everybody! Sorry I've been a little out of touch recently, but I've been super busy organising my very own fairy tale ending. Just one more week to go until I OFFICIALLY become Mrs Wood.
Since I've got wedding bells very much on my mind, I was going to write a post about my very favourite romance novel weddings, but in the end the choice began to get a little bit heart breaking, far too many choices to come up with a favourite five. So instead I'm going to give you my top five wedding films...all of which I intend to watch this week!

The Wedding Crashers

A favourite admittedly because I had a bit of an odd crush on Owen Wilson when this came out. Also Isla Fisher's slightly crazy performance still makes me laugh every time!

Meet The Parents
At first this film used to really annoy me. I watched it and thought that Greg was a bit spineless, but it won me over when I watched it a second time. Definitely a film that makes me appreciate that our families get along!
My Best Friend's Wedding
I've always loved that this isn't a typical romance. It's about a woman accepting that she missed her chance, but appreciating what she has despite that. Cameron Diaz's off-key singing is just a plus, not just a funny film moment but a great message - who cares if your not perfect?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Definitely nearly my favourite. This film always leaves me feeling warm inside, love that the bride is a real woman, not Hollywood perfect, but doesn't need to change at all because he loves her just the way she and all.
The Proposal
For me this is the film where it became okay to have a little bit of a crush on Ryan Reynolds. This isn't just my favourite wedding films, but my go-to film whenever I'm feeling down. I've always loved Sandra Bullocks humour, but the most touching scene in the whole film is when she talks about her parents, makes me teary eyed every time!
What are your favourite wedding films? Or maybe your braver than me and can give me a list of your favourite wedding books?
Have a great weekend everybody,
Emily x x

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  1. Hope you share some of your wedding pics Emily! Not a movie, but I love the Friends episode when they are all wearing wedding dresses. You know when you see a beautiful dress in a window and just want to try it?
    Enjoy yours for real Emily xx