Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day Post - Imogene Nix

Hi gang,

So I'm back today, but in light of the really cool blog on Mother's Day, rather than tell you about me, I thought I'd share two women who are a big part of my life.

My mother and my mother-in-law.

Both women have had a profound impact on me both as a mother and as an author.

My mother, Kathleen was born in England during the war. She lived on a farm with my grandparents in the Midlands with her siblings, where they raised animals and crops.

As a youngster she would regale me with stories of life on the farm and I always took it, that it was a hard but satisfying lifestyle. They didn't have a lot, but they made the most of what there was. She and my father migrated to Australia in the 1960's as £10 poms.

It was through my mother I learned a love of the written word.  She was the one who always insisted on turn off the television and read a book. (I'm also fairly sure she regretted that on all those nights when they would turn my light off three and four times!!) The other funny thing is she loves Amish romance... (For an erotic romance author, I always find that to be somewhat disconcerting! I mean where did I get that interest in sexy stuff from??)

These days, she's retired to Tasmania to grow flowers and enjoy the cooler atmosphere with my father.

Now I'd like you to meet my mother-in-law, June. She has read every one of my books and is so
supportive. Every one of my successes she has celebrated. And every not so successful thing she has commiserated with me over.

June was born in Queensland before the war, as we were coming out of the depression. The daughter of a Fettler (railway road worker) who died at a very young age. (The one surviving photo of him hangs in our hallway.) When she married my father-in-law, she was forbidden from ever stepping into a catholic church again. The bishop having told her that a bolt of lightning should strike her down. (What a horrible thing to say! She's never stepped into a catholic church since.)

She's such a strong woman, and yet she is so kind hearted and loving. My girls absolutely adore their Nana!

My father-in-law was a farmer and together they ran a dairy herd until it was no longer financially viable. Then she worked in a school library while he worked off the farm. Nowadays, they live in town, having left the farm some years ago.

In all the years I've known her, she has always been there with advice, support and affection.

This mothers day, I know who I'll be thinking of. In the comments below, tell me who you'll be thinking of!



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  1. Wow! You have two very inspiring women in your life! I am very jealous :-) My Mother in Law doesn't read books (which I still don't understand).


    1. Cara, my MIL is just totally awesome. :) She's always in my corner, now if I could just get her online ;)

  2. Your moms sound awesome! My mom is my hero! I get my love of reading from her.

    1. Oops.. Forgot email...

    2. Thanks Gail. Without reading I'm sure there would be some kind of anarchy in the world... I mean what else would I do with my imagination o.O :)

  3. Imogene, how blessed you are with your mom and mother in law! There's nothing like the love and support of family like that :) I'm so thankful for my own mother and mother in law. I'm especially grateful my kids are having the chance to get to know these two beautiful, strong women too!

    fedora at gmail dot com

  4. Such wonderful women, and I love that you included your mother-in-law. I hope I can be that kind of mom-in-law someday.

  5. Great advice, turn tv off and read a the loving can't help but feel cherished