Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Blushes

Hi everyone. Today I'm here to share the mother love and tell you about my mum, and what it's like to step into those shoes! Don't forget to leave a comment at the end so you can be entered into the Beachwalk Press giveaway :-)

I don't doubt for a minute that I have my mum to thank for encouraging the love of words. It was certainly a shared interest between us, and also my nana. But it wasn't until I had my own children that I could fully appreciate the awesomeness of mum. Not one to openly show her emotion, it's only on reflection that I realize the ways she shows she cares. As a child Lucozade and a blanket was a cure for everything, and all of those times I wanted my mum to agree with my rants, or offer her motherly advice, she was obviously letting me make my own mistakes, because of course teen me would never have listened. She's never told me not to do something, instead steered me in the right direction and has supported me with all I have done. Not least of all with the arrival of her grandchildren. Yes my mum loves me, and thank goodness for that - but really mum, the time I dyed my hair, a little head shake would have been good ;-)

Now I'm a mum and I have three children of my own, two boys age 16 and 14, and a daughter age 6. One of the things my mum still likes to remind me of is the embarrassing diary writing I used to do at school. Me embarrass my mother? How could I? I now know that this does indeed happen. Here are some of my mum blush moments that have stuck with me...

Blush moment Teen 1: First grandchild, so proud grandad decided to make him a cute chair, complete with storage underneath, a swing over table and decorated with the Teletubbies. In reality - it was the size of a throne! Son was so excited to try it he didn't listen to the wet paint warning and sneaked away to try it out. First day of going to school and son was stuck to the chair and needed to be cut out of his new uniform. Most unlikely excuse for being late for school ever. Now has a tendency to walk into pools while texting.

Cute moment: But then when writing a letter to Santa at school, he asked to have no presents, and instead asked if his great-nana and the pet dog could be looked after in heaven.

Blush moment Teen 2: Being shown a huge mother's day display at school with the title 'I Love My Mum Because...' The children's comments were so sweet, I love my mum because she gives the best hugs, makes lovely cakes for me, loves me, buys me special things, has the prettiest smile. Teen 2's offering? I love my mum because she gives me cardboard. All without the explanation that I was supporting his creativity and saved cardboard so he could make his little crafty projects. The teacher had a quiet word with me about that one. In fairness I knew he was showing his appreciation in his quiet reserved way.

Cute moment: Despite being quiet and hiding his emotions, he sang to my pregnant belly every day.

Blush moment 6 year old: Another quiet word from the teacher. Apparently the play tent had to be put into storage because daughter enjoyed going inside to strip naked. And then there's the drawings in her school books, for which there are no words...

Cute moment: Tells me I'm the best mum in the world every day, and gives the best hugs.

The cute moments certainly overshadow the blushes and make every awkward public bathroom, in a lift with strangers, cringe moment completely worth it. And they all love to read! Hey mum, we passed on the good stuff!

That's my mother/children memories shared, I'd love to hear yours! Comment and leave your email and you could win a $20 or a $10 Gift card!!!

Happy Friday and a wonderful Mother's Day to you all.
~ Tracey


  1. I love the cardboard story. I laughed. Kids are wonderful, aren't they?

  2. Wonderful stories...You never know what they're going to say!! Today granddaughter said "girls have bottoms and boys have butts!" No idea where that came from!! Happy Mom Day~~

    1. Oops, forgot email! froggy_momma(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post :) Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Aww such wonderful stories. Kids grow up so fast as they get older they don't want us or need us as much. I have 2 kids my daughter is 8 and my son is 7 and both are a handful. My daughter had a huge crush on Justin Bieber, so naturally everything she owned had his name or face on it. I was starting to worry she was only 7 especially when I heard her say he is so hot I'm going to marry him. I'm so not ready for any of that. Then one day she heard on the news he was arrested for something and later on that day she came to me with all of her Bieber gear and said "Mom please get rid of all of this " I asked her why and she said "he is bad boy and I'm not into ad boys" I wanted to laugh at her statement and I hope that stays true but somehow I don't think it will. Have a great day and a Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Awww.... those are fantastic stories, Tracey! It's incredibly gratifying to reach the point where you have those happy moments to pull out--I know I feel I'm nagging my kids constantly about being grateful/expressing gratitude, but it's a joy to hear from others that they're actually putting that into practice when I'm not there to remind them :) It's a long haul, that's for sure!

  6. I freakin love this story , such awe sweet