Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break is over, time to catch a cowboy!

In the Wolfe house, we just finished up spring break. The kids and husband are back to school/work, and it's just me again. It was a good break for us all. I took my author hat off, and spent most of my time with them. We had some family come visit for a few days as well. It was a nice break. Thankfully before break came, I got edits done on a few books, so now I can concentrate on writing.

I've started book 1 the my new series, Carver Ranch. The first book is titled Counting Cowboys. It's fun writing the first book in a series, because not only do you get to write a love story, but you begin setting up new characters. Each person you introduce, I get to decided if they'll have a roll in the series.

During this state, I take lots and lots of notes which include, their names, hair color, job, etc. It's what I call my series cheat sheet. You see, I didn't always keep one of these and it caused me to have to go back and open books I'd written to check something as simple as hair color. After almost 3 years published, I'm finally figuring a few things out to make my life a little easier.

So far, the writing flow is going well on Counting Cowboys. Recently I gave up a word count goal, so I'm just writing until the story is done. I hope to have this book done by June. School will be out soon, which means my writing time will be limited. This makes me wish I didn't procrastinate so much during the day when I have all this time to myself.

Happy Monday! I'm off to my cowboy. Maybe he'll wrangle his girl in soon for a kiss....or not.

-Lacey Wolfe

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