Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday News!

A very Happy Friday to you all!

It's a very happy one for me. The sun is finally trying to shine, and I can share my news with you. I'm thrilled to say I have signed a contract for my latest contemporary romance, Employee of the Month! This will be my third book with the wonderful Beachwalk Press.

This was an interesting one to write as Holly and Max's story begins in a different way than I've previously written. But that's the way they wanted it to start, so who am I to argue? I used my usual blush technique to find the heat level. My method is to imagine my mother reading the scene. If the thought makes me blush - it's a keeper!

A big shout out to my support group out there. My #1k1hr writing sprint team are awesome, and without them and my writing friends I'm sure my author journey wouldn't be as much fun.

Here's a snippet of Employee of the Month...

Eyes wide, she took in the sight of a bare chested Max hunched down on the floor, biceps working as he swept a brush into the corner of the wall like he was caressing a lover—focused, intent, and with accurate precision. He wielded his brush like a fingertip.
“What are you doing?” she asked with a dry mouth.
He turned and stood looking at her with a raised brow. “Painting. That was what you wanted me to do, wasn’t it?”
“Well, yes. But I wasn’t asking you to do it naked."

Hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
~ Tracey