Friday, January 10, 2014

What does your 2014 look like?

Well hello everybody. Welcome to a brand new year! Yes I know we're over a week into it now, but this is my first post of 2014, and this year I'm making a resolution to not make resolutions. Basically I think I had a mini meltdown last summer, with work, my degree, and writing, not to mention my two lovely, but very demanding children. I think it had got to the point where I'd put so much pressure on myself that I wasn't even enjoying the time I spent writing like I used to.
That said, this year I will try my best to get things done, and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that even though I didn't do much submitting last year, I got back in the right frame of mind, and did do a lot of writing. Only problem I have now is my overactive imagination meant that my list of unfinished WIPs just keeps getting growing and growing. Well that just will not do! This year I plan to submit at least one of them to my very favourite publisher ;) and I *hope* to submit it soon.
So what else does 2014 have in store for this writer? My not so little man will be starting school, big step for us, and one that will hopefully mean I get to spend more time tapping away on my laptop.
There are also a few weddings filling up my calendar, one of which is my mine, Whoop! My own little romantic fairy tale coming true.
And finally I really want to spend a lot more time in 2014 getting to know YOU, other writers, bloggers and especially readers that make our little Beachwalk community the best place on the web to hang out!
Thank you for reading about my plans for 2014. What will be special about your 2014? I'd love to know :)
Have a great year, Emily xox

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