Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

To celebrate my F/F/F erotic romance release Vampire Masquerade and its (shameless plug coming) top seller status on ARe we're detouring into the land of hot actresses today. For those who fangirl over The Hunger Games (me!) we're meeting her royal hotness Katniss--er Jennifer Lawrence.
Height: 5'9
Age: 23
Roles: Hunger Games and many others she's just as fabulous in.
Marital Statues: She has a rather hot English actor b/f Nicholas Houlte
This unapologetic actress is known for saying what's on her mind, and resists falling into the general mind control of Hollywood by looking a certain way and starving herself into movie roles. If they want her they have to take her as is. Which is what makes her stand out, especially for such a young starlett. And she's an academy award winner for best lead actress to boot!
Jlaw with long hair?
Jlaw with short hair?
Let's face it, she could shave her head and I wouldn't care. She's too gorgeous to resist, partly for looks partly for her down to earth self-confidence.

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  1. I agree. She's adorable and sassy at the same time. I love her authenticity.