Monday, December 30, 2013

Help me fix this mop!

Last week, I could hardly believe that it was almost Christmas. This week, I can't believe we're almost to 2014. Weren't we all just freaking out about the end of the world coming on December 21st, 2012? Wow...well thank goodness that didn't happen.

Right now, we are all thinking about this past year. What we liked, hated, could've done better, etc. And then our brains are thinking about what we're going to do in 2014. I have tons of goals in my writing career, but only one in my personal life.

I am going to go on the record and say, I plan to look nice for 2014. Somewhere years ago, I lost me. Well, not really, but more like, the me that curled her hair, wore make-up, etc. When my daughter started pre-k and I became a full-time writer, I started to dedicate my life to writing. And since I never leave the house, I just let go of things like make-up, doing a little something to this mop on my head besides a bun.

Even now, when I go out of the house, I rarely look nice. Sure, I will put on some clothes and make-up, but the hair, it still just gets brushed and that's it. I see women with their families and they look nice. They have their hair done, make-up, and I'm not going to dwell on the fact they are a few pants sizes smaller than me.

Where did that person in me go? Why can't I find the will to do the same?

So, please, help me! Anyone have some super easy ways to curl your hair or whatever that I can bring into my routine in 2014. I'm tired of looking like a bag lady. :/


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