Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

This week we meet Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, he looks a bit like a weird alien cat, but I've been Sherlocked.
Age: 37
Height: 6'
Marital Status: Single and he's itchin' to settle down ladies!
Roles: Sherlock, Star Trek, and many others.
Thanks to the BBC hit series Sherlock I am now an official Cumberbitch. If you haven't seen the show I encourage you to find it now. I'll wait.......Okay, back? Good. His spin on Steven Moffat's Sherlock character is brilliant. I'm not sure how to describe the character without making him sound completely off putting. But believe me, he makes off putting totally irresistable! Like Sheldon Cooper massively sexed up.

We are truly the fandom that waited. We got 3 episodes, waited an eternity, got 3 more in season 2, waited even longer (I'm talking nearly 2 years on the US side.) And we'll wait because we are Sherlocked and are loyal to our show.

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