Friday, November 15, 2013

Romantic Getaway Wishlist

My mind has been on a holiday for a while. In the summer I get married and since we have two young children, we decided to go without a honeymoon for the time being. It makes better sense to go in a couple of years when I’m driving my husband crazy by phoning home every two minutes to make sure their okay. Still, a girl can dream, and while I’ve been writing my latest WIP I’m finding myself living vicariously through my characters, Fiona and Ethan, who are taking some time away to work on their marriage.

Since I am dreaming, I thought I’d share with you my top five romantic getaways, which I am determined to visit at some point during my life. Here they are…


As I was telling you in my post two weeks ago, I just love Winter, and I can hardly think of anything that would be cuter than visiting a Belgian Christmas market with my partner. Ever since watching In Bruges (the actual storyline of that film aside) I’ve been enchanted by the fairytale-esque scenery, and know it would just be perfect for a Winter’s break. And of course, a cheeky chocolate shopping foray would be in order, after all, it would be rude not to!


This probably doesn’t even need an explanation. It just feels like somewhere you should go as a couple. Again, I imagine going there when it’s snowing, although travelling might be a bit of a nightmare. But hey, if we’re stuck in a place where I can enjoy croissants with my coffee until I’m fit to burst you won’t find me complaining, and if the romance of the city just happens to rub off on us, so much the better ;)


Yes, I have been here before, but anybody who knows me or has read Business and Pleasure probably knows I’m in love with Italy. Venice might just be my favourite place in the world, whether it’s crowded with tourists, packed with merchants selling me things I really don’t want, slowly sinking into the sea or lit up in the black of night like tinsel town, I’ll take it. It would be an amazing place to experience with my fiancé, and an equally exotic setting for a romance novel.

The Swiss Alps

We did have a plan, a few years ago, to go on a skiing holiday. My mother turned pale when I told her, my dad immediately started looking up the best insurance policies before we’d even booked the thing. Clumsy doesn’t even begin to describe how accident prone I am, and I don’t think anybody else in the world would put up with me on a holiday like that except for my fiancé. Anyway, we never got around to booking since I found out I was pregnant with my son a couple of days later. It would still be incredible to go there one day.


I’ve always wanted to do something breath taking with my partner. My mother lived in Africa for a few years when she was a girl. She was part of a circus and I’ve never grown tired of hearing all about her adventures, so much so I’ve always dreamed of having some of my own, and visiting the places she’s always talked about. I don’t think there could be anything more romantic than making the memories of a lifetime with the person you love.


  1. Those are some exciting sounding destinations! I haven't been to any of those except a brief visit to Paris, which was definitely very lovely! Hope you'll have the chance to go one of these years!