Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Recipes: Patricia Bates's Cherry Bombs

These are soo good but very rich so making a ton means have friends stopping by :)

Marchiano cherries with stems
Cherry Liquer
Milk chocolate
Cookie crumbs

Soak the Marchiano cherries in the cherry liquer for a minimum of two hours - the longer, the stronger the taste. Take out and blot dry. Melt the milk chocolate with a tablespoon of butter  on a double burner. When it's smooth and creamy turn off the heat, and dip each cherry into the chocolate. Pull out and set on wax or parchment paper. Once the chocolate is semi-set, sprinkle with the cookie crumbs or coconut, dip into the chocolate again. Let cool completely - to speed it up you can set in freezer for an hour. Place on parchment or wax paper and set aside. You can sprinkle with powdered sugar or eat as is.

These are excellent with hot toddies - however they are very rich but soo delicious.

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About Patricia Bates 

Reading has been such a large part of my life. I cut my literary teeth on such authors as Louis L'Amour, Nora Roberts and Janet Dailey. For me it wasn't such a jump from reading the wonderful tales these authors spun to imagining my own.

Soon I was writing poetry, short stories and by junior high I'd written my first full length romance novel. Since then I've taken my love of history and my passion for writing and combined them into what I hope will continue to prove a successful career.

With six books contracted, four of which are currently available in print. All are available in electronic format with the last two ebooks due for a release in May and the other in the summer. I'm currently working on three projects, an erotic paranormal romance featuring a witch who loves Christmas, another Ancient Ireland novel, rich in the history of the Irish Celtic peoples, and plotting out a Cowboy Series tentatively titled "The James Gang".

Of course I've got a lot more on the go. I'm developing and growing my editing company with some amazing authors, working on polishing my concepts and plans for upcoming books within the paranormal genres, and keeping up on my writing and being a full time mom, working outside of the house…it's amazing what one can manage in a 16 hour day.

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