Friday, November 1, 2013

Bring on winter!

Welcome to November everybody! My my, hasn’t this year gone fast? One moment it was summer and I was treating myself to some new sun dresses…the next (as I do live in Wales) the rain came down, autumn is here and I never did get a chance to wear them. It was wishful thinking maybe.

Every new season each year, I always find myself thinking ‘this is the time of year I like best’. There’s something about autumn, with the leaves changing colour and pumpkins in people’s windows. I love Halloween, I’m sitting here typing in between knocks at the door from cute little trick or treaters that have gone all out. They all look more adorable than the last. Over the last few weeks I’ve loved nothing more than reading a bit of paranormal, spooky romances.

At the end of November the Christmas lights will be going on in my town, and I just know I’ll make that switch to reading any holiday romance I can get my hands on. Yes, my reading, probably like many of you, is also affected by the changing seasons. But when it comes to falling in love, or just reading about it, I vote winter as my favourite season.

For me there is just something about holding hands in the cold, snuggling under the blanket together or getting caught in the snow that I just love. Maybe it’s something to do with Christmas, and thinking of all the things you could surprise your partner with. Maybe it’s the fact you have to keep each other warm at night. Or maybe it’s just the memory of sitting on a train all those years ago, wrapped in my boyfriend’s scarf, knowing I was properly in love for the first time. Whatever the reason, it is definitely the most romantic time of year. I know I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, still a little while to go but we’re nearly there, and all I can say is bring on winter!

So, what’s your favourite season?

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