Friday, October 11, 2013

Does Romance Make You Blush?

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

Friday’s are a start to the weekend; that kick off your shoes and grab a good book time. So what will be your genre of choice? And would you be brave enough to admit to it?

I’m a blusher. Every shade from subtle pink to ‘are you ill?’ berry red. Reading romance in public makes me blush. This is why if I have to choose a book to read in public, I choose carefully. A book with a cover free from steamy clinches and suggestive titles. Nothing attracts the eye faster than an image of a naked chest or a passionate embrace when you’re sitting in a packed waiting room. Thank goodness for ebooks!

But why? What is it about romance that gives people the giggles? Is it wrong to dream of our own happily-ever-afters? No it’s not. I’m a romantic. I want to believe that anything is possible. Romance is possible. It does happen for people every day, and for those who it doesn’t happen for, there are romance writers out there willing to share and take you on a journey. 

I’ll even go as far as to say we should read more romance. Why not start reading romance in school? Little has changed in the school literature curriculum from the time when I was in my teens, to my teenagers now. None of the books read now, or then, in schools contains romance. Why not study Harry Potter or Twilight? Let teenagers read about Harry’s first kiss and Bella’s attraction to Edward’s sparkle. Romance is a great way to explore relationships. The good and the bad. The difficulties couples have to overcome to find their happily ever after. The way males and females think and interact with each other. Bring on the emotion, the laughter, the tears, and have fun with your read.

So whatever you choose to read this weekend I hope you enjoy it. Raise up your book, your ereader and say ‘romance and proud!’

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Take Care ~ Tracey

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  1. I'm a blusher too. I most definitely have to be careful what I open in public.