Friday, October 25, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I was trying to decide on my blog post for today when my six year old daughter interrupted my train of thought and said, “What Halloween costume can I wear? What pumpkin design are we having? Are we going to a fireworks display and how many sleeps is it until Christmas?” All in one excited breath. And my thought was—Already?

It really is coming to the end of October. How did that happen? But taking a cue from my still bouncing six year old, I thought of it from her perspective, without thinking about cleaning, shopping and a lack of enough hours in the day. This time of year is a reason to be excited. For me my Tasty Review Tour for Daring to Wish begins on the 28th October and then it won’t be long until the December release of Best Fake Day. 

In between that time, during November our Beachwalk Press Readers’ Group will have my company as host for the day when I’ll be sharing snippets and having a giveaway, so if you haven’t joined our group yet please do so here so you can meet our lovely authors who will also be hosting. Also some of our authors will be sharing our holiday recipes with you here on this blog.

Now I’m going to find my inner child and embrace the best parts about this time of year. I shall write my Christmas to-do list, carve a pumpkin and ensure Halloween costumes are at the ready. I shall smile at the temperature drop and appreciate the glorious sight of frosty mornings. During the cold evenings I shall indulge myself by snuggling up in my writing blanket and lose myself in words. After all nothing warms you up better than a good book. Oh and if the cleaning and shopping fairies are reading this, feel free to visit me anytime :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Tracey

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