Monday, October 14, 2013

Amber's Muse turns 2!!!

My debut novella Amber's Muse from Beachwalk Press turns 2 on October 16th! I can't believe it. I really can't. The day the contract came to my inbox was also my son's 7th birthday. I just knew it was another rejection. This story was on draft 10 -- no lie. With each rejection I received, I went back and made changes. And then sent it back out. So when Beachwalk Press took a chance on me and finally helped me achieve my dream of being publishing--well it was a dream come true!

And now 2 years later, I'm still chugging along and feeling my way around in this world of books trying to find my place. In 2 years I've written hot and spicy erotic, as well as a super sweet romance. I've nestled down now between the two genres that I like to call my stuff sensual contemporary romance. 

So now, let's visit the birthday book and see what it's all about.

Here it is folks! I think this is still a favorite cover of mine!

Sometimes it's the person you least expect who can satisfy all your desires.

By day Amber's a librarian, and by night she hides away writing erotic romance novels. She has just one problem—not enough sexual experience to pull from. A recent steamy dream leaves Amber wondering if her neighbor Jax might be just the guy who can help her. He seems almost perfect to use as a sexual guinea pig, especially since she doesn't have to worry about falling in love with him.

Jax has lived next door to Amber for a year and has tried everything he can think of to get her to notice him, but it hasn't worked. Until recently. When Amber approaches him asking for his help, he's ready to jump on board. When he learns exactly what kind of help she needs, he's definitely willing.

Becoming involved with someone like Jax simply isn't an option for Amber. He barely works, can't manage his money, and has no ambition in life. So why does he suddenly seem so right for her?

To learn more, hop on over to BEACHWALK PRESS and read a sizziling excerpt.

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