Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday's Hunk Du Jour

We're wrapping up my Supernatural fangirl feelz this week with Castiel aka Misha Collins.
Age: 39
Height: 5'11
Role: Angel Castiel in Supernatural
Marital Status: Married with kids
Misha stepped into the role of Castiel believing he'd only do a couple of shows in 'a weird voice.' He never anticipated the fandom's reaction to this awkward yet BAMF'ing angel. Maybe it's his adorable yet too serious take on human existence. Perhaps it's the fact HE is absolutely adorable (but I have a thing for awkwardness in men as you'll find in upcoming posts.)
BOOM pregnant....(not an actual line from the show, fans would've spontaneously combusted.)
Much like our other two Supernatural boys, Jensen and Jared, Misha's great with his fans. Going so far as to give his phone number out on Twitter then answering calls and texts.

I believe he balances out Jensen and Jared's beefy hottness. He brings to the role humor within the dark plot lines. Plus, he's an important bromance for Dean--sponning some serious Destiel fanfic. Which, in my opinion, is easier to handle than Wincest. Though they've tried to wean him out some, I seriously hope the writers keep him in the show. If not, they may have very upset fangirls/boys.
Thanks for dropping by this Wednesday, Happy Hump Day!

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