Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'll have what she's having.

I love writing sex scenes, though I understand a lot of authors aren't nearly as comfortable with them. My concerns are usually, how do I make this fresh?  Can I say that?  Should I? Is it okay to go there, or have him go there, or do I have to tone this down? At what point does sensual sex become erotic?

I've tamed down plenty of scenes and removed others entirely because I feared the gist of the story would get lost if I unleashed the sex goddess and inadvertently changed the category of my stories. I never wanted my editors to suggest I add more sex. Stories don't always need more sex, but the full scenes ought to be good enough to raise the reader's body temperature and make them shift in their seats. That's my goal anyway.

So what distinguishes sensual romance from erotic? The number of acts for starters. There's often more delicacy in the way a sensual sex scene is written. The language won't be as blunt. Getting your point across without using purple prose or graphic terms isn't easy. More often than not, you'll find there's more emotional description and a little less of the mechanics. Of course all of this depends on the author and their individual style.

There's also a fine line with dialogue during the deed. What should they say, cry out, or scream?  It can't all be inner monologue. A lot of comedy's been written about this very subject. What's going to feel authentic and what's going to be hysterically funny? What mood do I want this little romp to capture? Should I play with it? Let them?

Why not?

- Tara Mills

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