Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to School - the conclusion

“Dan.” Jeannie laughed and laughed. “You’re crazy.”
“You want to see crazy?” He strode into their room and set her down on the unmade bed.
She cocked her eyebrow at him. “How crazy?”
He straightened up and whipped his t-shirt over his head, flinging it to the floor. There was devilry in his eyes when he smiled at her. “I’m going to make love to you with our bedroom door wide open.”
Chuckling behind her hand, she had to admit, “That is pretty daring.” She returned his playful grin and pulled her shirt off over her head. He was already unhooking her bra before she could even get her hair smoothed out again.
“You’re gorgeous.” The raw admiration in his eyes put truth to his words. His voice was low, seductive, and a little rough. “The sexiest mom I've ever seen in my life.” He snuck a slow promising kiss, then another before easing back with a wink. “Tell me something. Do you know what a MILF is?”
She frowned. “I’m not sure.”
His grin turned downright wicked. “I’ll show you.”
Drawing her bra down her arms, he gave it a careless toss. He tugged her shoes off next—without untying them first—then went for her pants. Then he pressed her gently, yet firmly, onto her back.
Jeannie watched as he carefully slid her panties down her legs. “Something tells me I can probably figure this one out on my own.”
Dan gave her a roguish look and kissed the inside of her calf. “Don’t get ahead of me.”
“Sorry. Proceed.”
“A minute.” He set her leg down then shucked off his sweats. He wasn’t wearing underwear.
She laughed with amusement. “You’re full of surprises today.”
“Where was I?” He didn't wait for an answer but stretched above her naked form to simply hold her close for a delicious moment. “Bare skin on bare skin is a good thing.”
“Mmm, I have to agree with you there.” Jeannie nuzzled into his neck and kissed a trail along her husband’s shoulder.
He reached out and turned her mouth to his. Their lips opened, sealed. Tongues tasted and tantalized with intimate strokes that left them both breathless. There was something familiar yet foreign in this kiss. Given the time, patience, and privacy they didn't usually have, they were able to remember what it was like to experiment and explore each other. He held her face, she gripped his head, and they simply savored the act of kissing again.
Dan sighed and eased back, his fingers tracing over her face with tenderness and awe. “I’m so in love with you.”
“I really love you.” She smiled back and brushed his silky smooth lips with the pad of her index finger. He gave her finger a light kiss. Hugging him hard, she reminded him. “Weren't you going to tell me what MILF means?”
“Wrong. I’m going to show you.” He rose to his knees. “M.” Leaning over, he kissed her right breast then swirled the tip of his tongue around the tight nipple. “Stands for Moms.”
Her hand combing through his soft hair stilled. “Moms?”
“Moms.” He confirmed then shifted to her left breast. “I.” The left got a kiss and an equally interesting tonguing. “I is for I’d.”
“Moms I’d—“
He dipped his head and kissed a lazy trail down her sternum and stomach, pausing over her navel. “L.” With that she watched him drop and give her belly button a loud blow like he used to give the kids when they were smaller.
Jeannie laughed so hard she shook and jiggled. She gave him a playful little swat on the head. “What are you doing?”
“L is for Like.”
“I see.”
“Okay, okay.”
Chuckling, he slid down a little farther, parting her legs as he sank to the floor on his knees. “Consider the T silent.” He gave her sex a couple of licks and she bucked and gasped.
“I see. Moms I’d Like to—“
At the warning lift of his eyebrows, she fell silent. Dan rose and tugged her by the legs to the edge of the bed.
Just the feel of him, silky yet solid, poised against her damp center made Jeannie tremble with anticipation. Meeting her man’s eyes, she strained to connect with him. “Finish it,” she growled.
“F.” He pressed into her, sliding home.
They both groaned and clasped hands. Jeannie wrapped her legs behind his thighs and held him where he was. Appreciating the moment, the sensation of being joined with her soul mate, lover, partner, and best friend was the headiest of pleasures.
He brought their entwined fingers to his lips and she relaxed her legs so he could move freely. Rising to meet him, pulling herself onto his body, she lost all consciousness of the cool morning and the chill of the bedroom. There was nothing else except the man moving in harmony with her, their breathing growing more labored as they strained as one.
Jeannie felt a rush of heat, a flush of blood under her skin and her body seemed to brace for a deluge her rigid muscles couldn't hold back. The sensation of being swept away on a raging current of ecstasy overwhelmed her and she cried out. Her husband jerked helplessly against her as he was pulled along by the same force that carried her away first.

Comfortably snuggled in his arms a few minutes later, she finally asked, “What do we do for an encore?”
Dan gave her a comforting squeeze. “I've still got two hours to kill. Make me an offer.”
The gauntlet thrown, she wasn't about to shy away from his challenge. “Stay right here. I have an idea.”
Leaping out of bed, she pulled his discarded shirt over her head and raced out through the wide open doorway. It did feel rather naughty to keep it open for a change—and unlocked. Oh, what fun they could have in an empty house. The possibilities were intriguing. They wouldn't have to stifle themselves. Today, there was no position they couldn't enjoy without worrying about the noise they made waking the kids.
Dan propped himself up when she got back—the tangled sheet across his waist and upper thighs the only bedding left on the mattress. “What have you got there?”
“A chocolate pudding cup and a spoon.”
“Are you going to feed me?”
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
Tossing both onto the bed, she tugged his shirt off then made her way across the mattress on her knees, coming to a stop at his hip. “Lie back.”
He twisted to reach for a pillow, folding it in half before reclining on it. His eyes locked on her. “I see.”
“Do you?” She gave him a promising smile and pulled the sheet away, exposing him.
“I think so.”
Just the thought of what she was about to do brought him proudly back to life. “Hold still,” she ordered.
“Holding.” He clasped his hands behind his head and simply waited.
She peeled the plastic seal back on the chocolate pudding cup and stuck the spoon into the rich center. Licking the bottom of the spoon first, she offered the rounded spoonful to him. He sucked it clean, his eyes locked with hers.
She went for another dip then slowly, carefully used the back of the spoon to frost his erection with the sweet creamy pudding. Without a word, he took the cup out of her hand and set it aside as she moved in for a taste. Then he took hold of her hair, freeing both hands so she could focus on what she was doing.
“Mmm, this is good.” She swirled her tongue around his shaft, patiently removing all the pudding she’d applied. “But I think I like you bare best.” With that, her mouth closed over him.
He flexed his hips, gently thrusting to the rhythm of her drawing and sucking on him. It didn’t take long before he tensed. She felt a familiar vibration under her tongue.
“Babe.” That was his warning. Usually she’d withdraw and finish him off by hand but this morning, she took him deeper in her mouth and pressed and massaged his shaft with her tongue.
His hands gripped her hair a little harder and she felt a mild tingling on her scalp as he seized, his hips pumping of their own volition.
When she stretched out against him, snuggling into his side, he caressed her cheek, a dazed look on his face. “That was unexpected and very appreciated.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Now I need another shower. I’m a little sticky here. Join me.”

They washed each other. Bare skin slipped and slid, soapy digits went exploring, and mouths sampled wherever they roamed.
“Bend over, hands on the wall, and spread ‘em,” Dan ordered.
The water beat down on Jeannie’s back as she complied. He kneeled behind her, his hands on her hips, and did a face plant between her legs. Nothing of hers was off his menu. She groaned with pleasure as his fingers, thumbs, nose, and tongue all worked in perfect harmony to drive her up on her toes and over the precipice of another intense climax. She was still shuddering when he slid into her from behind and drove her up one more ridge. They took that free-fall together then collapsed to the tiled floor, their limbs entwined, hearts racing, and lungs heaving.
He reached around her and shut off the water. “Can you move?”
“Give me a minute.” She buried her face into his shoulder and they held each other, waiting for their energy to slowly return.

When they went back to the bedroom, Jeannie threw on her robe and made the bed while her husband dressed for work.
“Which tie?” he asked, turning from the open bureau drawer.
“Today? The red checked. Here.” She held out her hand and he walked over so she could tie it for him. “I remember doing this. I never have time anymore.” She smiled at the tender tug of nostalgia as she adjusted the knot at his throat then lovingly smoothed his shirt. “You look good.”
He leaned down and brushed her mouth with his. “You’re sexy as hell.”
She laughed and playfully shoved him in the chest. “Don’t start that again. You have to get going.”
Walking slowly down the staircase arm in arm, he gave her waist an affectionate squeeze. “We should do this again.”
“How about at the start of every quarter? I’ll take the mornings off and treat you right.”
“Now you’re talking.” She picked up his briefcase near the door and placed it in his hands. He was smiling at her when she looked up. She couldn't help herself. Grabbing that perfect tie of his, she tugged him down for a last kiss over the top of his briefcase. Then she stepped away and opened the door. “I’ll see you tonight.”
That devilish smile of his was back. “Honey, I’m already looking forward to it.”

-- by Tara Mills

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