Friday, May 3, 2013

Rane's Mate is out this month.

Hello everyone.
I would like to assure everyone I’m alive. Barely.  Some of you may be thinking what on earth is Hazel talking about now. I’ll tell you, school holidays. Yes, in Australia I’ve just lived through two and half weeks of school holidays. How much writing did I get done, well, let me see, a big fat 0. Yes you heard right 0, well beside some editing bits, otherwise NOTHING. I’m surprised, I haven’t been committed, because I love writing and going off into other worlds and to other places.

The last two weeks have been torture. I know that’s a bold statement, but they got sick, so I couldn’t even shove the kids off to other parents for play dates. So all I’ve heard for two weeks is, “Mum, he won’t let me play with his toys. Mum he won’t let me go into his room. Mum, I hate my brothers he just pulled my Barbie’s head off. Mum, he just pulled the legs off my dolls. Mum, the transformers are killing Barbie. Mum, Barbie and Star wars don’t play together. Mum, mum, mum.” My poor daughter has three brothers.

The annoying thing is I couldn’t get very angry with them because they were sick and bored.  4 days before school started back they were all better, but guess who finally got sick. Don’t think to hard because it easy, me. Yes and I hate getting sickness from kids, because they always seem the worst.

Okay, enough with the me pity party.  Good news and good things. I would like to thank all my fans and everyone for being so supportive and buying my books.
This months is a huge month for me, I have 3, yes 3 books out this month, Letters to her soldier, Rane’s mate, and The Price of Fame.

I ‘m looking forward to Rane’s mate. I love Rane and Kirby, and I know you will too. So as a thank you for listening to my rant earlier here is a short Excerpt:
Rane was so sick of babysitting duty. Fine, he had fucked up, but it had been almost three months and Kane was still punishing him even though it had all worked out. Today’s babysitting job was just plain cruel. Playing protector to four women at a place called The Big Day Out was going to be torture, especially with Faith, three and a half months pregnant. Kane wasn’t happy about Faith going, but she had called it one of her ‘normal person’ days and argued that pregnant women went to concerts all the time. Kane had argued that if she had a vision and fell, she could hurt the baby. But Faith was having none of it, she was going, so Rane had been dragged into it.
Rane looked at Kane’s house in front of him, remembering how he’d gotten talked into this new babysitting job.
It’s in the day, for most of the event, and my favorite bands are going to be there. Plus, I invited this woman from work who just moved here and hasn’t got a lot of friends yet. For the last month and a half, she’s been coming to my girls’ day or nights out. We’ve started to become really good friends. She’s such a sweetie, but do you want to know the kicker? She’s special, I just can’t figure out what her ability is. I don’t think she has visions, because I had a five minute one the other day and she showed no sign of knowing it.” Faith didn’t even pause when she turned to him and added, “Rane will come with me, won’t you?”
She had blindsided him, changed the conversation so many times he got lost, so his answer became, “Err, sure, Faith. Argh, what am I saying sure to?”
His brother had laughed at him. “She’s good, isn’t she? Now that she’s said it, I think it would set my mind at ease if you were there, and you do owe me and Faith.”
Rane sighed and walked into the house. He found Kane and Bengie sitting on the lounge playing Mario Kart together.
Watching Kane as he cheered at Bengie for winning, then started a new game, Rane frowned, wondering why his brother wasn’t going instead of him. “Why can’t you take them, Kane?”
Kane didn’t even look away from the game. “Because in an hour or so, I’m leaving to do rounds at the hospital. Plus, it’s girls’ day out.” Kane laughed. “Sorry, brother, but her friends…don’t get me wrong, I like them, but they’re not fans of me. Well, I haven’t met the new woman.” He lowered his voice to barely a whisper. “I always thought they were a bad influence on her.”
Rane stared at his brother, there was no way he was the only one going. Kane would never let his pregnant wife go to a major event without a whole heap of protection, even if that event was held partly in the day.
“You’re way too calm. How many of us are going?”
“Only six, although Jamie, Devlin, and two others were already going to the concert, so really only two are going as back up.” Rane turned his eyes heavenward, praying for patience.
“Shit! She doesn’t know, does she? I hate you, Kane.”
“She probably does, Faith’s quick now with the psychic stuff.”
 “Fuck you, Kane. If she knew, you wouldn’t still be whispering.”
Kane laughed as Faith came in. “What’s so funny, honey?” she asked.
Kane looked over at his mate. “I thought you were going to get ready. Where is the rest of your outfit?” Faith rolled her eyes

 Thank you everyone for listening. I would like to add I love my children, they are my world. I don't know what I'd do with out them. I very lucky to have 4 awesome children.  
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
Hazel Gower

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