Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tips

I've noticed a trend here recently on Tuesday Tips. We've been talking cleaning. And today is no different.
Spring has sprung and with windows opening, we are seeing more of those dust bunnies popping out. 

I am someone who cleans all year, a little more than the usual basic pick-up/cleaning. But in the spring, its a good time to get to those things you put off:

  • The blinds. Those things sit there and collect dust and is there really any easy way to clean them? No idea! Got any tips? (snickers) I usually dust them well and spot clean them, because otherwise its a nasty mess if you didn't get all the dust off. Growing up, my mom took them down and let them soak in the bathtub all morning and dry on the driveway all afternoon. Never tried this, but she might be on to something.
  • Light fixtures. Once again, get a hot soapy mixture going and plop them into the sink or tub and let them soak. 
  • Cabinets. This is something I do weekly since mine are white, but in my previous house they were dark wood and they were ignored. Its a good time to wipe them down...inside an out.
  • Baseboards. Man...those things can get dirty quick. Also when vacuuming  take the time to take the attachment off and run it along the board to get dirt. 
  • The top of the fridge. This is something I used to do sparingly  Probably not even once a year. Well, when we moved last year and I climbed up the step stool to clean out the cupboard above. Holy Cow!! There was a layer of dust that I had to SCRUB off it. It was horrible. 
  • And the last place...under the bed. Pull everything out, take the mattresses off, and vacuum out those bunnies. They really like going under there.
Happy Spring cleaning! Got a tip? Please share!

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  1. I hate spring cleaning, but things sure look great when you're done.