Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Ready for Work

While it seemed prudent to follow the trend of tips on cleaning - I figured I'd offer something a wee bit different. My morning routine is hectic even with getting things ready the night before so I thought I'd offer some tips on how to keep your mornings as free from hassle as possible when you're on a tight schedule.

Most of us get up fairly early when we have to work - its a drag but a necessary evil. For me having a half hour to get ready can be a luxury. So to be sure you're ready for work in 30 mins or less here's a few tips.

Set aside ten or fifteen minutes before you go to bed to make the lunches for the next day - unless you're taking leftovers then put those in the containers and into the fridge right away after dinner. It helps to put them in the appropriate bags as well this way you just have to pull them out the next morning and put them into the backpacks or car.

If you're a morning coffee drinker set the coffee up the night before. Most machines can take up to ten minutes to brew a full pot. While the coffee is brewing - you can get the lunch and snacks out of the fridge you made the night before.
With the lunches and coffee taken care of you can quickly dress, brush your teeth, and wash your face. Makeup shouldn't take longer then 5-10 minutes. Hair is another 5 minutes. Even if you have fine hair or flyaways, hairspray and a bit of water will work wonders.

You should have at least five minutes to sit and just breath. This will allow you to be sure you've gotten everything you need ready for the day. Because of having a child who needs everything to be on a visible schedule, you can also write down everything so its clear, and everyone can follow the game plan.

My mornings are hectic - but organized and it allows me to be on time or a bit early with everything I need done.

Happy Mornings!

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