Saturday, March 16, 2013

The sweetest taboo

I'm thrilled to share my next Beachwalk Press cover!  Eye catching isn't it?  Grading on Curves is a sexy contemporary romance coming out this June.

Let me tell you a little about this story.

You'd think that if you'd waited until your thirties to have your first crush on a teacher, age would be irrelevant, but Mia Page has a lot to learn--and unlearn--when the young science teacher at the middle school pulls her son aside to ask for her phone number.

Here's why this is a bad idea. He's two years shy of thirty and she's on the downside of that unmentionable number. Curt Walden refuses to own a car and gets on her case for driving an SUV. He's adamant about never having kids and she has a son. Even the guy's romantic gifts are suspect. Energy saving light bulbs?  You're kidding right? 

On the other hand, he's fun and funny, sweet and smart. Curt stimulates her intellectually, emotionally, and lord help her, physically, opening her eyes to life outside her comfortable world. Yet their age difference quietly gnaws at Mia even while she succumbs to their undeniable chemistry. 

As their romance deepens, so do Mia's fears and insecurities. She's not the only woman in Curt's life and her younger rival has a history with him she can't ignore. Convinced that Curt will eventually hurt her, all it takes is an innocent comment at a wedding to provoke Mia into drawing first blood. She recklessly wounds Curt, learning only too late that this blade cuts both ways if you already love the man. Can she fix this or has she sent him into her rival's arms for good?

Grading on Curves has it all; love, sizzling lust, tender moments, humor, jealousy, emotionally charged scenes, and flirting of course. Watch for it this June.

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  1. Sounds like a great read. Such a sexy cover :) Congrats!