Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Wow! 2013? Do you know what that brings for me? I had a millennium baby, so that means this year I'll have a teenager. I was born in 1973. Can't do the math that fast? Let me help you... this August I'll be 40! Dear Lord! Let's talk about my writing goals instead.
I have several novels lined up and outlined. My sixth Beachwalk Press title will release sometime this spring. I'm very excited to dive into edits for Surrender to Me. Stay tuned for details.
I'm in the process of revisiting a book I started last January. It's a full length contemporary romance with some dark undertones. I have about 12k finished. It's tentatively titled Dancing Into Darkness. My heroine was a famous NYC ballerina who got caught up in a stormy relationship with the artistic director of the ballet company. It took her the length of her contract with the company to escape him. She relocates to a small Massachusetts shore town where she starts her own dance studio and falls for the sexy, local doctor. Of course, her hunky, jealous Russian ex doesn't stay away for long.
I'm also playing with a few novellas and I'd like to write another installment in the Make Me Stay/Surrender to Me saga. I have an idea for a couple that you'll meet in Surrender to Me. As you can see, I'm setting the bar high this year. If you're a reader of my work, I think you'll be busy;)
I'm happy to say, that with the support of my wonderful husband, I can finally call myself a full-time author. Now I need to go make the most of it. Being a writer has been my dream for most of my life. I'm thrilled I get to share my words with all of you.
Thanks for the tremendous support you've shown me. I hope you'll continue to get lost in my words...
Happy New Year!

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