Monday, November 19, 2012

Part four

So sorry everyone for the lateness of this post, but here it is. Part four of

His Holiday Lifesaver

By Hazel Gower

His house was amazing. It was huge and walking distance to the beach. The views from the top floor were spectacular. She’d had a soak in a huge spa bath and was now getting ready for his parents’ Christmas dinner. There was a knock on the bathroom door.
“Hailey, no rush but I’m ready to go whenever you are.”
She opened the door and hoped her arousal wasn’t obvious. She clenched her jaw, praying she didn’t drool. Brad wasn’t wearing anything special, but he looked better than candy. He had on fitted jeans and a white collared shirt with the top two buttons opened. His hair was wet and slicked back, like he’d just gotten out of the shower. She was speechless. How could someone look so good in jeans and a white collared shirt? He smiled and she had to hold her hands so she didn’t fan herself.
“You look exquisite, Hailey. Are you ready to go?”
All she could do was nod and follow him. They went into the garage, and she gasped at the sight of several sporty, expensive cars—six, she counted—lined up behind one another. She turned to stare at Brad. “Wow, I’ve never seen so many expensive cars.”
He shrugged and opened the door to a Ferrari and helped her get in, making sure her dress didn’t catch on the door. She looked around the interior; okay, she was way out of her element. This guy had money that she could only dream of.
As he took a seat behind the wheel, she noticed that he fit perfectly with the image of the car. It made her wonder what the rest of his family was like. “What’s your family like?” she asked.
He glanced over at her before he started the car then replied, “They’re loud and don’t hold anything back. My parents have been married for over forty years. I’m their baby, I have three older sisters, all married, and I have a bunch of nieces and nephews, which I love. Just a warning, I have a big extended family.”
She nodded and glanced around the car, looking for Christmas gifts. “You don’t give presents? Or are the Christmas presents already there?”
“Only the kids get presents, there are too many of us, and I’ve already taken all the presents there.”
“Are you sure it’s okay for me to come? What if they bring some wonderful Australian girl for you to meet and you’re stuck with me?”
“I want you to come, and my family is clueless when it comes to setting me up with women. You’re the first woman I’ve brought to meet them.”
“What! Why?”
“Many reasons. I haven’t found the right girl, and as soon as I bring one, they’ll probably start planning the wedding.”
She paled. “Ah, I don’t think this is such a good idea. How about you take me back to the hotel?”
“No, please, I’ve already called my mother, and they’re expecting you to be there.”
She sighed, nodding as he drove away.
Hailey regretted agreeing when he parked in the driveway of a waterfront mansion. There were expensive vehicles parked everywhere, and even from inside the car she could hear the noise coming from the house. This was a bad idea.
The front door burst open and a plump woman in her late fifties-early sixties rushed to the car. Hailey was pulled out and into the woman’s arms as she said, “Oh, it’s so good to finally meet one of Bradley’s girlfriends. I get so sick of hearing about them from other people. Let me have a look at you.” She pulled back, still holding on to her. “You’re very pretty. Great hips for bearing me more grandbabies.” She turned to Brad. “Good job, son. She’s perfect.”
Hailey turned a glare on Brad and gritted her teeth when he smiled her way. His mother pulled her inside where she was introduced to what she would swear was hundreds of people.
An hour and a half later she went in search of Brad, only to find a child sitting in a corner crying. She slowly walked up to the little girl. “Hi. What’s wrong?”
The little girl looked up. “No one wants to play with me. They say I’m a baby. It’s so unfair that they’re all older than me, but I’ll be six next year and they won’t be able to say anything then.”
Looking at the cute little girl, she smiled. “I’ll play with you. You can be my new friend. I don’t have many here yet. My name’s Hailey. What’s yours?”
“I’m Jenna. Do you know you talk funny?”
Hailey laughed. “I talk like this because I come from England.”
Jenna nodded at her, stood, grabbed her hand, and pulled her down a hallway and into a little girl’s room filled with toys. “This is my room for when I have sleepovers with Nanny. Come on, let me show you my new Barbies.”
* * * *
Brad had been having the best family night he’d had in years. Everyone loved Hailey, she was a hit. An hour ago he had lost track of her, now dinner was being served and he couldn’t find her. Worried she had bailed on him, he checked outside and up the street first. He came back inside to find his sister looking for her youngest child. Changing tactics and hoping in the process of looking for Jenna he would find Hailey, they searched until they found them both in Jenna’s room.
Hailey sat on the floor with Barbies everywhere, doing as Jenna told her to. He watched as his shy little niece came out of her shell and bossed Hailey around. He glanced at his sister to see tears rolling down her face as she stared at the scene before them. Jenna was the baby of the family. All the other kids were at least two years older than her, and she got left out of a lot of the games.
He looked back at the woman playing with his niece. She didn’t look like she was bored or trying to get away. In fact, she looked happy and like she was having fun. His sister’s hiccup alerted them to their presence, and they both turned.
The smile on Hailey’s face almost stopped him in his tracks. She looked like an angel. He had truly never seen anything so beautiful in his life, and at that moment he knew he was going to make her his. She was his one.
Smiling back, he walked into the room and without even thinking about it, forgetting the others who were present he pulled her up and placed his lips on hers. Startled, she didn’t respond at first, but when he traced her lips, she moaned and opened her mouth, letting his tongue explore her. Her taste exploded into him and he groaned, only moving back when Jenna said, “Yuck, Uncle Brad. Don’t kiss my friend like that, she’ll get boy germs.”
He laughed at Jenna, but his gaze never left Hailey’s lust-filled eyes.

 To be continued……

This is the little town beach where, my Armageddon mates is set

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