Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organisation, with apologies for the late post

I almost forgot to post! My head’s been all over the place lately. This week I’m house and little brother sitting while my parents are off on holiday (though no one’s watching my house!), I’m in a writing tizzy—which in my mind means I’m writing stuff, just not the stuff I’m supposed to write!

My priorities aren’t being met, and since I’m off I have no excuse. At the day job, I’m organised. I can prioritise workloads, meet my deadlines and still find time to skive off on Facebook. My personal and writing life are a bit different.

Procrastination has been my life this week. Whether I’m skiving off reading, writing flash fiction, or getting addicted to crappy tv shows (I warn you now, Jersey Shore is a killer) I’ve done zilch goal orientated.

Time to knuckle down and give myself a serious talking to. Or I could start another fab book on my Kindle…
I seriously envy authors who manage to stay focused. If you want to share your secrets people, I’m all ears!

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