Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Muscly legs? Yes please…

As release day looms, I’m trying to find things to occupy myself so I don’t turn into a nervous wreck. Thankfully, there’s been a distraction that annoys me as much as it engrosses me on Facebook this week.

Football (Soccer to those outside of the UK).

I barely know any guys who hate the sport and in Scotland, some people take football more seriously than the Olympics! My family and friends are split between supporting Glasgow Celtic:-

And Glasgow Rangers:-
Before the latter were dropped to the third division (I’ve no idea what this means, just hear my brother babbling on about it and it sounds good) Celtic and Rangers used to play against each other all the time. This caused fights, bigotry and in worse cases, deaths. Yes, people have been stabbed or beaten that bad at football games. See, wasn’t kidding when I said some Scots take the game seriously. Frighteningly so.

Honestly, the players themselves have HOT bods, and those legs… Let’s just say, last week when I was forced to watch each team play then see all the bitching and jibes on Facebook, I was secretly daydreaming that they all looked like this under their strips.
*happy sigh*
But shhh, don’t tell my family. Could never watch another match again with my brother if he knew I was fantasizing about all the hot tottie kicking a ball about a field.

Who are your your favourite sportsmen?

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